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One idiot proof machine to do it all?

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  • One idiot proof machine to do it all?

    Hello there!

    About me: I grew up on mocha pots, Turkish coffee and some of the best coffee and cappuccinos that both home and Melbourne had to offer (I thought I was trendy as well as being very European ).. Slowed down drinking coffee after having kids as I found out that it was a pain doing it myself on top of life... (if I ever see another hand grinder again it will be my dust that you see as I bolt away)

    So last few years it has been instant coffee only at my house.. I did own a couple dripulators both antique and electric but I gave them away really fast. That was until about a couple of months ago when I randomly got given a little Breville Cafe Roma.

    OMG! I thought.. this little thing can make okish cappuccinos and honey in milk and hot chocolate... everybody is happy! except that black coffee is perpetually bitter and has to be made into some kind of milk drink oh and my tea drinkers insist on not having coffee meaning my kettle still sits on my bench taking up realestate that looks untidy

    In short I have had a taste of a DIY home coffee machine and I want more ... Have done a tonne of reading and checked out machines in my price range (up to $700 aud) and the more I read the more complicated it becomes.

    I am not too worried at this stage about a grinder I think the Breville smart grinder will suffice for the moment

    Gaggia classic and Rancillio silvia seemed to be the first choice but I have teenagers and temp surfing etc seems scary in the hands of teenagers. Breville infuser seemed like a nice idiot proof compromise but from what I understand has a timer or something that limits how much milk you can steam at a time?

    Anyways If someone can recommend a family friendly espresso machine up to about $700 aud so I dont cry if it breaks, that is steam and tea friendly so that I can tidy up my bench I would really appreciate it...

    Have a happy day

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    I've got a Sunbeam 6910 that does the trick for me. It's got a hot water spout but I've never made tea from it so I'm not sure if it's hot enough.


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      Thankyou will have a look now ... if it gives the illusion of making tea thats ok as long as I can make coffee and milk drinks.. (personally I only drink tea when am sick)


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        You should be able to get the upgrade model of the EM6910, the EM7000 for near the price you quoted. A themoblock machine like the EM7000 is probably safer in the hands of teenagers as there is no boiler to run dry like in the Silvia or Gaggia Classic.


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          It is a pretty machine and ok within budget reviews seem good elsewhere .. but oddly here in the link you gave me, people worried about their health and animals?

          Will have to have a personal close up look tomorrow.. Odd I had really even considered a sunbeam... prolly cause when I think of it I have never really owned anything sunbeam over time.. weird.. Never the less, will have a close up look in the afternoon.. so far what I have read on the net is pretty positive.

          Sighs...Maybe one day I will be able to invest in a nice manual or semi manual machine.. unfortunately till then Its mid range, do all and simple

          Thank you for the reply its appreciated


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            forgot about the EM7000 - should be even better. I like the 6910 for a few reasons. 1) I can turn in on and it's ready to go in < 5 minutes, which is great at 5am when I'm running late for work. 2) You can pull a shot and steam milk simultaneously because it has 2 thermo-blocks. Also a great time saver and useful if you're making multiple coffees. 3) Paired with the Breville Smartgrinder it can make a great, and easily repeatable espresso. I'm a big fan of milk-based drinks but I'm also quite partial to a short black and it does both quite well I think. The secret (with the 6910 at least) is to play with the steam settings and set it to the hottest and wettest steam to get decent microfoam in your milk.


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              Originally posted by coffeefuzzled View Post
              .. but oddly here in the link you gave me, people worried about their health and animals?
              When I click on the link it displays comments re: the EM7000. Not sure why it takes you elsewhere?


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                The em7000 is a capable machine. For the few weeks I've had it, it has been easy to pull nice shots. Heat up time is quick, steam is good for a thermoblock and seems to fairly forgiving on poor technique.
                The single shot basket seems to work well too. I haven't had to change grind settings between the single and double baskets, and the shots are equally dark and syrupy.
                This is with a sunbeam em450 grinder, which is pretty basic.


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                  *Shrugs.. coulda been another sunbeam thread I was looking at in coffee snobs.. not sure now to tired to check am also kind of person to have 30 or so pages up when am researching stuff .. its become habit and habit to get lost with myself too but it was def here @ coffeesnobs I was looking, might look dig it up later for you, was pretty funny .

                  Anyhoo.. checked out the sunbeams in person... I take back comments about it being pretty ... actually I dont like the look of it much.. Brevilles are trendy, the Italian machines retro but Sunbeams? Maybe they need some form design peeps on the job for the next one along with (Jura and their plastic boxes).. But guess thats a matter of personal preference. Didnt ask electric person about details on Sunbeam I have used him before and he would have no idea

                  What I am sure of is that I agree milk drinks can get sickly after a whilst a black shot is sometimes nice.. that means avoiding bitter coffee .. the sunbeams appear to have everything I would need to get both the little Roma and my 5ltr Asian kettle off the bench... Sunbeam also reasonably simple to set up... less expensive and or with more features then the Brevilles (pity tho I really did like the look of them and SCG were soo convincing!)

                  I see that there is a $250 difference between the buy new Sunbeams EM6910 and EM7000 atm but no simple explanation as to why... I might be on info overload here (so many machines I have looked at, wont be surprised if I dont suddenly turn into a human coffee machine myself ) But from what I understand is and I might be wrong (stranger things have happened) that the main differences between these two models are mostly aesthetic.. like new copper like group collar, thermostat on milk.. ?

                  For between $550 and $750 I am ok if a machine lasts me 2 years esp with my household so I wont expect miracles from places like Sunbeam but it there something spectacular aside from a milk thermometer and being a newer model that would justify the extra $250 on a EM7000 over the older EM6910?

                  Hoping your day has been a wonder-filled one


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                    I picked up the em7000 for 650, while DJs had a 10% discount code for their online store, which could be applied to items already on sale.
                    The em6910 is starting to get harder to find, at least when I was looking.
                    The biggest differences are noise and build quality.
                    The 7000 is a quiet machine, while the old model is considered one of the noisier ones.
                    The fit and finish of the 7000 is also better. Having a pressure gauge that actually works etc...

                    My decision was between 650 for the em7000 or 1200+ for a breville dual boiler.

                    I know the sunbeam is far from the best machine, but it competently pulls nice shots ,again and again, and has enough steam power to froth milk properly, so I'm happy.