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My beloved Silvia is having issues . . .

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  • My beloved Silvia is having issues . . .

    The 'heating' light has decided to turn on, and not turn off again Ive tried flushing it a few times and it doesnt seem to want to turn off. Cant even hear it boiling. Do I have a go at seeing whats wrong with it (well, ask my husband to have a fiddle), or take it in for a service?

    Thanks in advance :-)

    - Suzanne

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    Is the machine getting warm/hot? If not not it would suggest that the boiler element has stopped working.

    To correctly identify the fault will mean testing 240vac electrical circuits, a job best left to qualified technicians.

    Good luck!


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      hmmmmm, I think my Silvia has just started doing the same thing. Glad I still have a bit over a month of warranty on it. I've contacted my seller to see what options they have for repair in SA


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        was hoping a thermostat reset might have fixed my problem. No such luck. No idea how I could have killed my boiler. I always prime after a steam. Machine did get left on far about 6 hours on Sunday, but that would have been with a full boiler. When I next used it I got water straight away (albeit cold water). Oh well, off the the repair man with fingers crossed my warranty will cover it.


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          Electrical fault. Most likely element. Get a qualified technician to fix the problem and give the whole machine a thorough checkup. Best way to be sure the machine will work well.


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            My Slivia is off for repairs now.

            Glad to hear from the workshop however that they have had a rash of Silvias with failing elements that were sold around October last year. Looks like I just got a dodgy element and it wasn't my fault.


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              Yes there was definatly a bad run of elements , iv done heaps.


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                Originally posted by nzcoffeetech View Post
                Yes there was definatly a bad run of elements , iv done heaps.
                Had heard that the welded-in elements on the V3 were more susceptible to failure through overheating than the earlier bolt-in types.

                The best safeguard is to immediately prime upon switching the machine on and also prior to steaming. The extra minute or so is neglible compared to a premature repair.


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                  Picking up my Silvia tonight. Element was replaced under warranty which is a relief. Was worried that I'd caused the issue. Glad it wasn't the case as I'm am very careful with priming the boiler.


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                    Good to hear that the warranty covered the "dodgy" element in your Silvia. If it is a known fault in a particular batch sold around October last year I can't help but wonder why there hasn't been a recall of that batch of machines? I'm sure there will be people caught outside the warranty period that will end up paying for a premature element failure through no fault of their own unfortunately.