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Gaggia Baby Dose - PID Installation

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  • Gaggia Baby Dose - PID Installation

    Hi Folks!

    After some frustrating news on one order from a particular supplier on here today (won't name names), i did have some refreshing news to find out my PID, 25A SSR, and Thermocouple arrived safe and sound.
    So, now i need to get it installed and tuned, and making some sweet, tasty espresso.

    Am fairly savvy with electronics, and i'm sure i can work this out based on plans/install guides from the Gaggia Classic which are floating around the place - but thought i would ask none the less.
    Anyone installed before on a Gaggia Baby Dose? Searching doesn't reveal too much information.

    Anyone have any input/suggestions/guidance before i jump in and tackle this project?


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    Let me ponder this before i proceed any further... might've picked up a rather cheap Silvia V3, which could be better suited to the PID!


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      Personally I feel the Classic is more suited to PIDing than the Silvia due to the heating elements being built into the boiler housing, resulting in lower process lag, and (once again, IMO) allowing for a better control strategy - flushing the boiler, waiting for the water to heat while you grind/dose/tamp and then holding the boiler at a constant temperature that heat's the mixing water sufficiently to keep temp stable at the grouphead.

      More info here