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  • EM6910 question

    Hi, my 6910 has been having some problems over the last year. I look after it, regular backflush, descale.
    I bought it the week they came out. Currently the handle goes all the way to the right and it does not feel right. A new seal does not help and I took it for a new collar to a sunbeam service agent. Also the steam is currently hopeless and very slow so I wanted this serviced too. The service agent said that it will not fit a new collar despite a few hours of trying (and it looks like they do a dozen collars a week). He thought that the very earliest 6910s had a different collar to the later ones. So the current collars dont fit my machine which he said the first ones to market were a sort of 6900/6910 hybrid. So I now have a machine in parts and a crappy steam wand. Apparently after five years the steam wand needs decalcing professionally.

    It's a bit mystifying because the collar was replaced once at Ashfield about two years ago.

    My question: since the machine is not in warranty, what are my options now? Is this how they die?
    should I leave it out with the next council clean up or is there somewhere in Sydney I should take it?
    i am not sentimental about the machine. While I liked it when it worked and it made about four coffees a day for years, mostly stress free, I am over the way whenever anything went wrong with it this was always described as my fault. Since i had formal sunbeam training on the machine when it came out this used to irk me and i have been admiring coffeesnobs as a voice of reason for years, letting me understand its not all my fault! (thanks coffeesnobs community)! I am currently drinking pour over.
    thanks so much.

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    I'd go to Ashfield and ask the service guy there about it. Or ring Sunbeam and ask them based on the numbers on the label. You may just have hit a slack service guy. But sounds like you've had a reasonable run with it - maybe look at what budget you have for a new machine and start browsing the forums?


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      Hello, some follow up. Apparently the machine is about 7-8 years old. I did not repair it. I bought an Otto. The 6910 is free to anyone who wants to pick it up (Rozelle, NSW)- pump works, needs new collar. pm me. Otherwise garbage bin.

      The Otto is very nice. Coffee is tasty. Steam is strong. I went to a few stores and realised I want an HX machine and the budget does not go that far yet. Guess I have to go lurk on the Otto forums.