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Recommendations please for a new automatic machine

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  • Recommendations please for a new automatic machine

    I've been using my saeco talea machine happily now for 4.5 years but it has a water leak from the steaming wand which is annoying the heck out of me so I think it's time for a new shiny machine !

    i like the convenience of an auto machine which grinds and makes the coffee for me, mainly because the grinding and war up is just too much hassle for a mum with a 10 month old bub. However I'm happy (in fact prefer) to steam my own milk and pour. Mainly because my experience of auto for others is that they have a million little parts that have to be taken apart and then washed which takes ages when I can quickly jet a steam nozzle and wash out a mug. I will make anywhere between 3 and 6 coffees a day for me and hubby so it gets a fair workout and washing the milk carafe bits and bobs each time is too time consuming.

    So any recommendations ? I'm happy to spend a bit to get a good machine as I want it to last and make as good a coffee as possible in an auto machine.

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    wait for the Breville Oracle coming soon?


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      Originally posted by okitoki View Post
      wait for the Breville Oracle coming soon?
      This is probably a good option, I'm not sure what RRP is supposed to be but I'd be astonished if it were more than typical super-auto money.

      Gives you the option of making coffee manually should you wish to and has the convenience of your auto for your wife.


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        Looks good (I am the wife btw!) do you think it will suffer from cold machine though ? By that I mean that every time I've used manual machines they need a good 30 mins to warm up and the first coffee isn't as good. I need to sieze my opportunities like bub is asleep, must make coffee now !


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          I saw the Breville Oracle at the Aroma festival at the Sydney Rocks on Sunday. I was very impressed with it. I have been pleased to use a Breville Dual Boiler for nearly two years.

          The Oracle is largely based on the Dual Boiler with much more added. Breville claim the DB takes 7 minutes to warm up. Even 10 minutes in the winter is much shorter than 30 that most manufacturers recommend. Also it has a timer that you can set to warm up the machine before you get out of bed.

          The Oracle grinds, doses and tamps the coffee into the portafilter. All you have to do is get great roasted coffee, set the grinder and move the portafilter from the grinder to the brew head place the cups under the spouts and press the 1 or 2 cup button. The milk steamer is adjustable and automatic and easy to clean.

          The Oracle is expected to be on the market before Xmas at the recommended price of $2,500.

          The Dual Boiler is discounted by anything up to $300, so being $1,000 dearer there should be a higher discount for the Oracle.

          The Oracle will have all the improvement being made to the debugged version of the BDB which is to be released at about the same time.



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            Like Barry I saw the oracle at the aroma festival, very impressed with the ingenuity by Breville. I have since recommended it to a colleage at work, for the almost "auto" experience with better cup results. If I was looking in this market I would seriously considering this machine rather than the traditional full auto.



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              Hi Heieup , It all depends on your budget , a water leak from the steaming wand , is usual easy to fix , as it is often just a replacement of o rings . if you are looking for a new super automatic ? have a look at the Saeco Xelsis I have seen them discounted to under $1700 that's a pretty good discount from its rrp of $3200 and or the exprelia , had a coffee out off an exprelia a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with the taste and crema of the coffee it made . I get what you mean with the carafe system but these machines also have the steam wand , and the exprelia I had the coffee from looked like a very high quality product . hope this helps