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Advice for a coffee Newb - Lelit vs Wega

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  • Advice for a coffee Newb - Lelit vs Wega

    Gday I'd love some advice regarding a new machine.

    I am looking to upgrade my current coffee machine (Sunbeam Em3600 and Em0480 Grinder). It has got to the point where my current setup is frustrating me. The group head leaks when I grind too fine (recently replaced) but it pours far too quickly otherwise. I also can't get the coffee to taste as good as my fav coffee shop. Besides I have the upgrade itch

    My local roaster has a Lelit PL042TEMD on sale for $959 down from $1169. I was set on getting one of these and then they mentioned that their wholesaler had a demo model (reconditioned with warranty) WEGA MININOVA EPU MINIR for $1600 ex GST. I've seen the Wega new on Ebay for $2000 or in stores for RRP $2600.

    I usually make coffees for me and my wife once a day and twice on weekends. I probably have to make coffees for friends once a month.

    Part of me thinks the Wega is overkill especially if I have to stump for a grinder upgrade too. But if it is a screamer of a deal I will be tempted.

    I really am a coffee newbie so let me know if these two models aren't even comparable.


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    What do you usually drink? If they are milk based, I'd be considering a Lelit PL60T V2 dual boiler given your budget. This will sit half way between the two in terms of price.


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      Sorry, I mis-read the wega price. The Lelit pl60t would be the same, $1600. Neither are overkill, I think it would rather come down to features between the machines. That said I think the Lelit's are a bit more 'home' orientated.


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        My wife and I drink flat whites. I'm still learning so I'm guessing other variations will be on the horizon.


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          I've recently bought a rancilio silvia, and although it's great machine - doing multiple milk drinks is fairly slow. Especially if you like double shots. A quite important consideration I've realized.


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            I won't need that functionality often but when I do, I reckon it will annoy the hell out of me. Time to reconsider my options it seems. Lelit PL60T V2 Dual Boiler vs the Wega? Neither has a grinder though ...


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              Ok. Might be best to start over. Apologies if you know the below.

              a) total budget?
              b) drinks - flat whites, check.
              c) machine features?
              d) grinder?

              Machine features; given you're drinkig milk drinks, the biggest thing is do you want a single boiler or a heat exchange/dual boiler? With single boilers (like the rancilio silvia like I have) you can't steam milk and pull a shot at the same time. The Lelit I mentioned is a *cheap* dual boiler that can.

              Grinder; generally a budget of $500 ish will give you a grinder capable of matching machines up to the $1500-2000 mark. Something like the Compak K3 for example.

              Budget; obviously determines the above choices.

              My budget was a little over 1k total. So I had to go for a cheaper machine ($600) to still get a decent grinder ($500)

              Built in grinders generally are less superior to stand alone grinders too, and if you want to upgrade it can be more difficult.


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                I'd recommend looking for a second hand machine, it would save you a lot which you could put into a better grinder. Eg. there's a second hand nuova simonelli oscar on ebay atm, although it's in Melbourne. These and other machines pop up regularily on ebay or gumtree.


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                  My budget is $1500 tops. That money is for a machine and a grinder so I am somewhat stymied by my budget. Which is part of the reason why I like the Lelit combi with PID. If the only problem with that machine is the inability to crank out large numbers of coffees, then it looks like it might be a small price to pay.

                  I could watch Ebay and Gumtree for a while but I really wouldn't know what to look out for I will have a look anyway.


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                    Rick the coffee machinist has a refurbished diadema hx machine for $1100. That would leave you $400 which should get you a compak k3 touch or push from a sponsor. diademas are very highly regarded.



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                      I think I've posted prematurely. I've done some reading up in beginners guides and what not. As a result my budget is now in tatters and I've completely changed my preferences. I definitely want to get a stand alone grinder. Probably a Compak3 Touch although if I can find a Baratza Vario I would probably get that. As for a machine I'm now looking at Dual Boilers and in particular the Lelit PL60T V2 Dual Boiler. Flushing a heat exchanger sounds finicky to me so I'm avoiding those. To tell the truth a little knowledge is dangerous and I probably still sound ignorant and I feel more lost than ever


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                        Sounds like you're heading in a god direction


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                          Haha. *good


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                            I could get a K3 Touch with Lelit PL41TEMD for $1500 or blow the budget out of the water and get a Mazzer Mini with Lelit PL60T V2 for $2300. I like the idea of never buying another grinder again so the Mazzer may be worth the extra money (although I don't want the doser).

                            I worry that the Lelit PL41TEMD will be a pain when I have to make more than two coffees in a sitting. Then again I could just be a worry wart. I can't find any Youtube clips of someone working their way through several coffees with the machine but there IS an excellent video from Jet Black making 6 cups in a row with the PL60T V1.

                            Decisions Decisions


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                              And I also don't know why the Wega is more expensive than the PL60T V2. Is it the e61 group head? Are HX better than dual boilers?