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Low pressure after pump replacement on vfa.

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  • Low pressure after pump replacement on vfa.

    I recently had to replace the pump on my laranzato casa (vfa) machine. The original pump had a low water melt down. I replaced it with what it had an ulka ex5. The grinder is still set at what it was before the pump melted down.

    After re assembling the parts and getting it re primed I tried about five shots and at the old grind setting I didn't get one drip out of the filter.

    I turned the grind down again and got a very bad slow pour. Is my new pump bad ? Or should I be finding a portafilter pressure gauge and looking into the opv.
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    Checking the actual pressure at the group will be the only way of diagnosing where your issue lies. You can then tweak the OPV to the correct pressure and amend dose/grind as appropriate, or confirm you are not getting enough pressure out of the pump.



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      thats what i figured, i have no excuse now i have to build one. Off to home depot i go.