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Coffee machine steamer squeaking

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  • Coffee machine steamer squeaking

    For the last few days I have noticed that when I use the steamer on my Fracino Cherub it is squeaking when I turn the knob both on and off. Anyone any idea what I should be using, is it just a spray of WD40?

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    WD40 will quickly dry out and the squeak will return.
    Don't know what your set up is, however if you can get a dab of food grade grease on the shaft it should control the squeak for quite a while.
    Inox food grade grease is available from Jaycar, approx $8.95, I'm sure other brands are just as good.


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      Thanks for this. I couldn't get Inox where I am but found another one that was suitable for coffee machines so hopefully it will do the job


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        If that doesn't work, try a small piece of hard cheese placed on the top of the machine above the steam knob. You might have a small furry resident enjoying the internal warmth of the machine and when you use the steam knob you could be winding up his tail causing the "squeaking"!

        Click image for larger version

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