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Breville BES920 Dual Boiler - Owners thread

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  • Breville BES920 Dual Boiler - Owners thread

    A thread for people who have purchased the machine and for people looking to find out user experiences to make a decision on purchasing one.

    I purchased mine yesterday and have just put my first home roasted beans [Brazil Yellow Bourbon Especial Reserve] through it. The best coffee I have ever made (and better than I have ever bought) straight out of the box. Exxxceelleent!!

    Super easy to setup. Great Instructions. Great machine Mr Breville.

    Only issue - our water hardness is 1 square on the test strip, and the 920's program didn't seem to give me enough time to change it from the default setting of three. (However, quick check of the manual - page 20 - Advanced menu - all fixed.)

    I'm also looking forward to the Breville Christmas promotion that came with the package - the bonus Toby Estates Barista course.

    So now I'm back into coffee.
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    Congratulations on the great results! I am curious, is the BES920 your first serious espresso machine?


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      Yes ... it is the first dual boiler machine I have owned. I have used and sampled many higher level machines during my 40+ years of coffee enjoyment. I had been envious of friends with the previous model for whom I regularly roast beans, and drink quite a lot of coffee at their houses.

      For only $1,299 (on sale - and including the BCG800 Smart Grinder and a Barista course) - I finally gave in and bought one. After having it for a few days now I would be happy even if I had paid the RRP of $1,499+. The features that won me over -
      • 2400W Heating system,
      • descale access by the user,
      • adjustable steam boiler temp (pressure),
      • volumetrics - able to select either time based or volume based,
      • base that unlocks and allows easy movement of the machine, and
      • the Razor precision dosing tool.


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        Where did you get it at $1299 including the grinder? I just saw that Myer has it for $1199.20, but without the grinder.


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          Sounds like you are enjoying the machine. What is the razor dosing tool? Any pics ?



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            Hey IntaCoffee, can you tell me how fast the steaming process is? If you don't mind i'd also like to hear your opinion on the adjustable steam temp (pressure).

            - mennamorato - I'm in the States so I can't buy one... YET!!!


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              Hey all,

              I upgraded to the BES920 and am loving it so far - I also managed to get it for $1299 including the grinder from Myer (the deal is the BES900 + BCG800 but they substituted the BES920).

              The Razor dosing tool is as seen at The Breville Razor- Precision Dose Trimming Tool - YouTube I'm not too sure about using it yet - according to it I have been overdosing by about 0.5-0.75cm and I'm yet to really experiment with it! It basically shaves off coffee AFTER you tamp as opposed to other dosing tools on the market.

              In terms of steaming process, I can steam enough milk for two 220mL cups in about 45-60 seconds if that helps mennamorato!


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                Thanks that really helps, does it feel slow? How do you like the machine itself? - Sorry for all the questions....


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                  Im also interested if you can increase the steam temperature to make steaming quicker


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                    Steam Temperature adjustment

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Steam Temp.JPG
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                    Per the manual, the default Steam Temperature is 135 degrees C.

                    Also, per the manual - I haven't tried this yet - the Steam Temp may be adjusted up or down. Click on the snippet above.


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                      Could you try it out, if it doesn't work well then I might just buy a 900.


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                        The steam temp adjustment is from 130 degrees Celcius to 140 degrees Celcius. 135 degrees C is the default setting.

                        Seems quick enough to me. I'm not sure that the extra 5 degrees is going to be very noticeable.


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                          Thanks for your help!


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                            Hey all,

                            Am really enjoying using the BES920 on the 'out of the box' settings without any changes. Have been getting some great cups of coffee! The only change I've made is changing the Breville basket to a 21g Synesso and then a 21g Espresso Parts Precision basket from Talk Coffee (super quick shipping as well!). Highly recommend this, especially if splitting the shots into two cups as I was finding that the standard Breville 18g wasn't enough. Also, it might be just all in my head but I found that it was easier to dial in with the EP precision basket versus the Synesso or Breville baskets - it was as though it was more sensitive to the grind adjustments and the reward was in the coffee!

                            I was surprised at how quickly the machine heats up (two minutes from cold overnight) and it definitely is quieter than my old EM6910. Steam is no issue and it is really easy to steam enough milk for two cups in about a minute or so!


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                              Hi Everyone,

                              Just thought I'd jump in and say hi and brag about my new purchase.

                              I spent all of 2013 looking for a machine to buy. In March my budget was $300, by August it was $500, and finally I realized that $900 would get me what I wanted. So glad I didn't rush in and buy something cheap.

                              After looking at the EM7000s and Silvias, I was set on a BES900 and was waiting for a second hand one to pop up. Then the BES920 was released, same price as the 900 from Myer. I couldn't pass on $1210 and I already had picked a SmartGrinder up from Gumtree. I was really impressed with the presentation out of the box. Super easy to set up, clear, easy to follow instructions on getting it ready for the first use. So here is my first machine. The latte art needs some work, but I'm getting there.

                              I'd used a friends 900 a few times, and was surprised at how quiet the 920 is in comparison. Out of the box settings weren't too bad. I snapped up some run of the mill beans from commercial link removed per site posting policy and poured a few shots, fiddled with some settings, like lowering the shot temp from 93C to 91C (it originally tasted a little woody, Brisbane summer heat maybe). Played with the basket weight. The steam was very user friendly, and achieved micro-foam on my first attempt. BAM. Really, Really Great Coffee.

                              Here's a quick video of it pulling a single shot out of a double basket, feel free to leave any tips and advice as I'm super keen to learn more. Loving my new addiction, although I didn't sleep very well last night.

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