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  • I finally upgraded my basket from the stock and highly acclaimed "Breville Double" (which i've been using for 3 years) to a Pullman 19g double. The difference is honestly day and night and I wish i had made this switch sooner (in fact the only reason i didn't was because so many people "raved on" about the stock Breville).

    The Pullman has mostly eliminated a chronic bitter understate that I assumed was due to other variables in the process. Despite it being much harder to achieve a visually appeasing (ie, no donuts or channelling) shot, the results on the Pullman exceed that on the Breville, even where the Breville extraction looks "textbook".

    It honestly makes no sense to me that a channelled shot on a precision basket can taste significantly better than an evenly extracted shot on the Breville. I had no idea a quality basket could positively influence the taste to this extent.

    Now, I can only dream of the results when i finally achieve a text book extraction on the Pullman ?