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SB 6910 and 440 grinder, poor quality pour

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  • SB 6910 and 440 grinder, poor quality pour

    I just got this machine yesterday but can seem to get a good pour.

    I've tried several settings within the recommended expresso range but when I tamp with any pressure as per the training video the gauge basically goes to the red line. If I tamp gently I just get a watery pour that isn't dark or thick.

    I went to a premium coffee shop and purchased their beans.

    any suggestions appreciated.

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    Forget about the gauge. Don't tamp light. Use the single floor, double (shot) basket. Depending on preference, about 18g coffee, and play with the grind until the shot pours in 25-30 seconds.

    What will muck you up is the amount of grind retention in the grinder. After just one hour, I find it necessary to clean out the dried grinds before grinding another shot.

    Do you have someone with the barista skill who can give you some pointers in person? ?


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      Yeah as per above, start off with a consistent hard tamp. You can muck around with light tamps later but you only want to alter one variable at a time. Keep on decreasing the fineness of the grind (2-3 clicks at a time) until you get a reasonable pour. I still find the gauge useful, but only once its around the sweet spot.