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Sunbeam EM6910 new steam pump installed but still low pressure - ideas?

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  • Sunbeam EM6910 new steam pump installed but still low pressure - ideas?

    I own two EM6910s and have had them for several years. One at work and one at home.

    The one at work produces magnificent textured milk, but no matter what pump rate and steam temp I use I cannot produce any decent frothed milk at home. It has never really been as good as the one at work and is a little older, but recently it has become worse so I decided to do something about it.

    So I thought the steam pump must have had it and dismantled the machine and replaced the steam pump with a brand new unit, however the pressure is identical as before and the milk is still crap.

    What else can I do? The coil of pipe above the steam pump looked very clean and I poked a length of wire in the ends anyway to see what would come out but the wire looked clean, but it wasn't flexible enough to go all the way through. I suppose there is the possibility it is blocked somehow, so maybe I should try a very flexible pipe cleaner after soaking the coiled pipe in descaler. Is there anything else I can check and/or replace?

    Oh and one other problem this machine has is that it stays in standby mode (always hot) even when powered off (no Power LED flashing at all). The only way I can stop it from staying hot 24/7 is to turn it off at the power point. What can I replace to fix that?


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    What does your cleaning regime look like?

    There was someone else on here that had the 'she no turn off' problem. Unsure if it was fixed though.


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      Hi thegoner, well I wouldn't say I'm the most consistent at cleaning, but I do descale a couple of times a year, use filtered water and change calcium filters reasonably often, and remove the shower screen and give it a good scrub if I detect a change in the taste. Sometimes use the sunbeam cleaning tablets and do a backflush/auto clean cycle. I always flush a burst of steam through the wand after milk texturing so it should be clean inside. When I had it open earlier today all the lines etc looked very clean inside.


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        I'm of the 'blocked pipes' theory. Read here Basically it says to try a stronger cleaning solution, program the thermoblock heat as low as possible, maximum flow rate (BTW could yours be programmed for a low flow rate? P29 in the manual) and DO IT OUTSIDE.


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          Thank you. Actually it seems somewhat better this morning, with the steam temp set to -5. I tried every temp except that one yesterday, on the maximum pump rate. If it stays good then I'll leave it, otherwise I'll do the clean through the steam wand method, outside

          Still need advice about the 'not turning off' problem.