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  • Diadema/Valentina Semi Auto Advice

    Hi all,
    I've just upgraded from a $150 crappy sunbeam piece o' crud to a 2nd hand Diadema/Valentina Semi Auto machine. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what it is but I've attached a picture of the machine... Anyways, just hoping that as it didn't come with a manual if could give me some machine specific information on how to use/care for the machine as I'm really worried about breaking it. I've searched online for the manual but am only getting results either in Italian or they're really badly formatted and it'd be easier for me to learn Italian.

    Cheers for any assistance I can get.
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    Nice upgrade!!

    Looks like an e61 group machine. Basic maintenance will be nothing out of the ordinary , it's all essentially the same and machine independent. Do a search on the site, heaps of great info here, especially on the workings of the e61 group.

    Back flushing after each session with water and with cleaning stuff every week/month depending on usage will go a long way in keeping things working well.

    Might be worthwhile to give it a thorough once over if you don't know it's history.



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      Yes- It's a Diadema Junior Semi Auto (PUL). It's also running pretty high boiler pressures. Might be worth getting it checked/serviced.

      Whilst these do ship with paperwork, I wouldn't bother as it won't teach you too much. There are plenty of good online resources and artman's tips are a good start.


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        Its a nice score and as mentioned by TC, the boiler pressure is too high and to put it another way, it is unnecessarily high. It needs adjusting.

        Its an "older" machine.....say 5 years old or more. Check the colour of the chassis under the drip tray. If it has a galvanised (grey/silver) appearance its probably 8 to 10 years old. If the chassis is a kind of "golden" colour instead, it will be say 5 to 8 years old. Regardless, the chassis are all treated with a corrosion preventative.

        It seems some helpful cove has removed the compliance sticker which should be directly under the other sticker that can be seen on the RHS of the bulkhead. So you have bought a machine that now has no model or serial number and therefore could be stolen...... You need to have your eyes open.

        Regardless, these are a very well priced good performing semi commercial espresso machine made from good components and with a high standard of design and build.

        Owing to the age of the machine (and if this hasn't already been done), when the pressurestat eventually fails it will benefit from fitment of a more modern type pressurestat.

        Otherwise, enjoy your good fortune.

        By the way.... please relegate the name "valentina" to the dust bin as it has absolutely no relevance except to 110 Volt models imported into the United States. The rest of the world knows it is a BFC / Diadema Junior (PUL).

        Hope that helps.


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          Hey everyone thanks for the advice, I've been reading maintaining an e61 group. Just wondering if there is a way for me to adjust the boiler temperature?... I really hope it's not a stolen machine or that it gets stolen.