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V3 Silvia with PID over heating help

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  • V3 Silvia with PID over heating help

    Hi everyone,

    just looking for some help with my silvia that is over heating. 2011 V3 silvia with PID & pre infusion

    Here is a breakdown of what is happening.

    -Turn on machine and let it warm up this morning..... everything fine pid temp says 104.

    -Pulled 3 shots in a row, quick water flush between shots and after last shot.

    - turned on steam switch and temp starts going up but keeps rising over usual 140 -145

    - I am thinking it should stop soon but keeps rising so at 160 I turn off the steam switch and wonder what is happening.

    - switch off machine and let it cool down and then i tried again but this time machine does not heat at all.

    - I think maybe boiler has died so I start reasearching on google for answers.

    - I found there is a reset switch on thermocoulpe thing and reset it.

    - flushed head and steam want with water and tried reheating for steam again and once again it overheats but I turn it off at 150.

    - more checking wires etc leads me to no conclusion as to why steam is over heating.

    Any help appreciated


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    Hi Andy
    When I owned a Silvia I installed a PID and when complete I found machine behaved exactly the same as yours. The steam overheated and caused the safety switch to trigger and must be reset. The problem turned out to be the steam thermostat was faulty. Replaced this unit on top of the boiler and all was fine. Not sure if you can check this, the only way is to replace it and see what happens. Hope this helps. might be the cause


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      My PID'd Silvia goes to just over 150 C on steaming, so really it might not be a problem. I would be inclined to let it run and see where the thermostat kicks in, it might be around 160C, which is probably normal for steam in that machine.


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        I let it run and it tripped out above 165.

        Seems it might be a faulty thermostat like this one pictured in the link

        Have since noticed that the auber pid light does not blink when the steam switch is turned on, the machine just keeps heating till it trips. It does not do this when brewing coffee.

        Not sure how to try the machine without the pid connected.

        I could put the wiring back to factory if I knew how it was but I bought the machine off here second hand.



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          Andy I think the coffee parts image is of the reset thermostat. ie the red button you push to reset the boiler after your machine has overheated. The part you may want to try is here
          Coffee Parts | Rancilio Silvia v3 Coffee Machines Spare Parts
          scroll down till you find the 140C thermostat. Cost to replace is <$30 Remove connectors to thermostat, Remove small bracket, don't drop screws into your machine, replace thermostat. You may need a small amount of "thermal goo" to make a secure thermal contact with the boiler. Check with some of the sponsors they may be able to tell you exactly what is required. If you don't feel confident working on your machine I am sure a sponsor could add thermostat and check wiring.
          If the thermostat is not at fault it could be the wiring into the PID. If the PID is made by Auber check out their website and drop them an email


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            Originally posted by smokey View Post
            My PID'd Silvia goes to just over 150 C on steaming, so really it might not be a problem. I would be inclined to let it run and see where the thermostat kicks in, it might be around 160C, which is probably normal for steam in that machine.
            If your Steam setting is also controlled via the PID Controller, a 150C setting is way too high in my opinion. Plenty of superheated, dry steam is available with the setpoint adjusted to 125C and is the temperature most commercial and prosumer HX machines operate at. No need to go higher than that...



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              I usually start my steaming at about 135 indicated, it only ever reaches 137 max then heads down below 130 while I steam. It's only if I'm lazy that my steam thermostat ever gets used. I prefer the result if I manage to stop the boiler from being switche doff while I steam


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                Ok thanks for the responses.

                The thing I dont get is that there are no wires connected to the 140 deg thermostat which means maybe the pid has steam control as well.

                I will probably just take it and get it serviced since I bought it second hand then I dont have all the details on what has been done to it


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                  The pid "steam control" uses the alarm output function set at 140 and will heat until it reaches this then switches off. The temp can easily go over 150C and doing this continuously is pretty risky for your boiler.

                  I typically start steaming at 135 and never walk away if the steam switch is on!

                  if in doubt take your machine to a service centre that knows their way around a pid silvia


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                    machine is currently @ jetblack espresso for repair , I will update the thread when I get it back.


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                      hey carver,
                      any news or verdict on your silvia?