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  • 'Amica' machine


    Was wondering if anyone has come across this machine.
    I have attached a picture of it. The only branding I can see is the AMICA logo on the side but dont know what it is.

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    Looks to be an E61 group. Is there any more info on the sticker on front panel?



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      The machine is on the bay. No information on it. The e61 group is what got my attention.
      The description says "1600watts 1.5bar" and that's it.


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        Might be a Promac, by Rancilio??

        Not sure, not much info or pics.


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          Looks like a Grimac mini or uno. Quite a good HX machine


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            Thanks kofekitt

            Does look a lot like the mini. Same drip tray and layout. Might be a good deal then.


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              Google suggests it is an Isomac Amica - has parts in common with Millennium, Mondiale, Relax, Zaffiro and others. (from a parts site) Only review I found was for the Zaffiro and it seems pretty good machine.


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                Thanks Journeyman,

                A bit of a problem though. The Isomac Amica/Zaffiro is a single boiler machine while the Grimac Mini is a HX machine. The pictures of the Isomac don't look the same though so was wondering what drew you to conclusion that it was an Isomac?


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                  Mainly that it is made in Milan, and Isomac is from there and makes an Amica. I figured it could be an older model and Isomac have gone for the 'modern' square and stainless look in recent times.


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                    Unlikely to be an Isomac.

                    Isomac started off in Macherio before moving to Milan and have always had a love affair with SS, a machine of this vintage wouldn't have the Milan badging
                    and so much plastic.

                    I'm with kofekit; looks like a spitting image of the Grimac, right down to the boxing around the e61, but googling Grimac Amica throws up nothing.

                    Does the obscured badging on the serial plate say Amica Milan Italy? Looks like a straightforward rebadging.


                    Rick Bond, aka 'coffee machinist' would be the best person to ask.


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                      The compliance plate clearly (well it isnt the point of focus but it is clear) shows the name Coffex at the bottom ie the importer. If you want info, suggest to call them. (Melbourne) !

                      After that, the item description states Quote: "...Home use or suit small business....Professional espresso machine not just for use at home, hence type of machine used in many small businesses. Excellent condition like new...."

                      If you are thinking on business use you may wish to note, that contrary to the item description, this is definitely NOT suitable for "small business use", unless the vendor would be kind enough to specificy exactly what he means by that so that any prospective buyer is not taken in...

                      In terms of "suit small business", my opinion is this is at best in our market a "small office use" machine.....the term "small business" is very broad and not specific enough......while if you are thinking on "home use" and at that price if it is as described and 100% functional without any service issues to problem a good buy when you compare what you would get new for that price.

                      Hope that helps.


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                        Originally posted by TOK View Post
                        The compliance plate clearly shows the name Coffex at the bottom ie the importer. If you want info, suggest to call them. (Melbourne) !
                        Nothing like a bit of logic!


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                          Thanks TOK,
                          Definitely home use.
                          My initial reaction was that for an E61 HX machine, it would be a good buy. Ive got an Oscar thats playing up so was just having a little gander for a bargain.


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                            Amica are re branded and imported by coffex as suggested earlier. Have used a hx version myself but looks pretty different to yours. The one I used suggested isomac re badging if that helps but also seems to share rancilio parts. Quality components on mine so if they've followed the same philosophy with all their imports it'd be a solid buy.


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                              These are Rancillio built HX machines, but branded "Promac".
                              similar size and specs (boiler size etc) as the S24.
                              Note that is a solenoid operated E61 group, not a manual lever design.