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0480 grinder settings are no more

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  • 0480 grinder settings are no more

    I've learnt to live with this after the initial realisation that anything less than 16 simply grinds too fine and clogs up the machine. It currently sits at 18 and might go +/- 1 step depending on the freshness of the beans.

    The machine has been cleaned through numerous times and I confident to say reassembled correctly; I know what happens when the burr is not aligned correctly.

    Not a major issue as it's doing what I want in ensuring a good cup but I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have as it's been bugging me for a while now.

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    Have you checked under the bottom burr for shims? Even if you got it new, I understand Sunbeam has been shimming the 480 before sales.

    16 is not so bad - as the machine wears it will require finer settings I think. I have a shimmed EM0450 I use for the wife's decaf and it grinds around 20 while my 480 grinds at around 10 for my beans. Mind you, that's with the VST baskets - with the SB baskets my grind is around 13.

    I don't think the setting matters much provided you are getting good coffee in the cup.


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      Yes, like the machine you so kindly assisted with in my other post this too is 3 1/2 years old. I recall maybe installing 3 or 4 shims on there, it was quite a while back. Unfortunately it's my nature to want to know why but as you touched on, if it's producing a good coffee don't sweat it.


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        IIRC shims are supposed to add 6 or 7 clicks to the settings - remove one and you'd be grinding around 9 or 10 I think.

        The quality issue is a bit tougher as so many things can affect the output. If the burrs look sharp edged, it probably isn't them. Next would be to check for excessive side movement in the spindle holding the bottom burr. That could be another source of wear that produces a wider variation in particle size than you have had in the past.


        (oops - just realised I'm answering a Q you didn't ask )