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Advice needed upgrading from Breville BES900

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  • Advice needed upgrading from Breville BES900

    I have had my dual boiler for almost 2 years so time to upgrade and move it on while it is still under warranty.
    I am wanting one of those silver beasts with the E61 group head and either a HX or dual boiler but really want some advice on what model is recommended as they all look very similar from the outside.
    The Isomac tea due that was recently sold here took my interest as this is the style of machine I want but couldn't make my mind up in time.

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    Welcome to CS, diode123!

    Upgraditis is a common affliction amongst members here, so you're in good company!

    Whether it's from necessity or choice a new bit of kit in the kitchen is a good tonic for the illness! ;-)

    What is your budget? That is the first and foremost determinant of what might be on your short list.

    Have you browsed sponsor (and other) websites to check out the range available?

    Isomac took a very noticeable upward curve in quality (internal components mostly) from around 2012, and
    having owned two Mondiales I would recommend the units of more recent build. Lovely styling.

    But there are numerous choices in the market place.


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      Firstly thanks for the reply and secondly I know all about upgradeitis being a hifi nut
      I would sell the Breville and put in around 1k on top so somewhere around 1.5k new or second hand would be the budget.
      At this stage I haven't browsed the sponsors as there are so many machines that I want to narrow it down a little before I look and decide on one so any help would be appreciated.


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        I've managed to snag a nice Diadema Unico Splendor for a good price so I think I did alright...Now to sell the Breville.