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Fluid-O-Tech pump in EM6910 to lower flow rate/reduce pressure?

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  • Fluid-O-Tech pump in EM6910 to lower flow rate/reduce pressure?

    I know I'm over-obsessing about brew pressure, but just while it's on my mind, I'm curious to know how well a Fluid-O-Tech 1106 pump would go in the EM6910. The reason for asking is that I found this thread: The importance of brew pressure, purpose of adjusting OPV? - Espresso Machines • which mentions that this pump's pressure vs flow rate curve appears to be better suited to espresso, if an OPV is not present.

    Would it be a drop-in replacement for the EP5?

    Would there be any problems with the back flushing with this pump?

    I've received advice here recently not to worry too much about brew pressure, and I am not ignoring this advice. I am just interested in the topic and am doing research whilst it's on my mind. (even that aforementioned thread mentions that temperature is more important)

    Thanks again,

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    It's not going to improve your coffee...


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      A coupla thou or so ought to be sufficient to purchase the the gear pump and motor from the Ambient Vesuvius as well as the 2 boards to operate it and the pressure control interface. Might be overkill on a sunbeam though


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        [ginormous thread bump]
        Just learnt a neat trick - it's actually possible to manually control the pressure, by carefully controlling the release of hot water, during the brew. I don't know yet whether this will improve my shots, but this simple technique will allow me to experiment, and has stopped me considering the idea of upgrading to a better machine, or fitting an OPV to this machine. (for the time being)