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EM6910 v BES900

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  • EM6910 v BES900

    After three years of faithful service, my first foray into brewing at home with a humble EM5900 is coming to an end. It's time to upgrade!

    I know this might seem like an odd comparison (EM6910 or the BES900) at first as they're fairly different price points, but just wanted some advice on whether the really big jump up is worth it.

    There's a great deal going at the moment with the EM6910 and grinder EM0440 going for $549 at Good Guys. Judging from the comments here on the differences between the EM6910 and EM7000, I don't think the extra $200-$250 is worth the money. I don't mind a bit of noise with my coffee making.

    The other option I'm looking at is the BES900 with the BCG820 grinder for $1300 at Myer. I must admit, the design is very appealing but is the quality that much better with a double boiler over thermoblock? Will it last a lot longer (double standard warranty but would also get the extra warranty if spending this much).

    I make about 20-30 cups of coffee a week. All with milk.

    Thanks for your input..