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Breville Barista Express stopped working altogether

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  • Breville Barista Express stopped working altogether

    Hi everyone,
    My Breville Barista Express has stopped working. Made the wife a coffee this morning for mothers day and it was perfect... went to make another, everything is set up and ready to go and when I press the start button the machine starts it's noise making but nothing else happens.... same when trying to steam the milk all noises but no steam comes through. I'm thinking a pump issue. no water passes thru a empty porta filter or steam wand .

    I have gone through the whole cleaning process including descaling but no water goes through the machine so it can't even clean itself.
    This is our second machine... first replaced when grinder stopped working and now this machine is only 2 months old and having problems.

    I live rural South Australia and it's a 3 hour drive to nearest repairer or retailer which is what Breville will tell me to do with it. I'm begining to think breville machines are absolutely crap!!!

    Any ideas or suggestions for a fix will be greatly appeciated

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    After a short time, does the pump go quiet? There may be a blockage in the thermoblock, I've seen it before in this machine.
    There's a 3 way solenoid that controls water flow through the block when steaming or extracting, it may have jammed open causing all the water to dump to the drip tray instead of where it's meant to go. Usually if it is jammed open, your brewing pressure will vent through the steam wand. Do you notice this at all?
    There's a 2 way solenoid valve next to the 3 way which also controls drain water I believe, it might have a problem too.

    So, check for drain water when there shouldn't be any, check for leaks through the steam wand and see if the pump quietens down after a short time. Might offer a bit more of an idea of the problem.

    On a machine I had the block scaled up so much that no water got through. I just used double strength descaler, ran it like I usually would and eventually it broke through the blockage. This would be worth a try depending on the symptoms.


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      I second his point. Actually I had my machine open today and took some pictures:

      Pump Model (US model)

      Pump Over Pressure Valve. Check if the water comes out there. You can adjust it by removing the black clip and screwing it further in. Inside sits a simple spring and a ball. Screwing it in increases the pressure needed before it leaks out to the drain.

      In the back are the two solenoid valves. The left one is for the Steam and water and the right one goes to the boiler.

      Just some sensor picture within the boiler which control the solenoid valve I believe.

      Hope this somewhat helps.

      By the way in order to open the Breville you'll need to remove the 5 screws behind the water tank. and two screws at the front next to the magnetic holder and the water outlet. You will also need to remove thre plastic covers underneath of the water tank and remove the three screws. The bean hopper needs to be removed, but everything else (grinder plate) can stay on.