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  • best manual machine for home use

    hi there,
    I'm sure everyone is sick of these type of questions, but i am looking for the best manual machine for home use. I recently did an introductory barista course and found it very enjoyable, now i want to further develop my skills! Any advice would be much appreciated. Also while I'm at it, which grinders are also best value for money for domestic purposes?

    thanks all


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    Welcome Steve,

    It's either a hand grinder and Sunbeam Cafe Roma or a Slayer and Robur Electronic. Somewhere between $100 and $20k should be about right to set you up ;-)

    You'll need a budget mate....

    Thereafter, there are lots of threads you can read in the equipment sections of this forum. There is no such thing as best. It's about what is right for your particular requirements.


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      Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
      You'll need a budget mate....
      it would be also good, to know what you are drinking, only espresso or mostly with milk and so on.


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        haha sorry my bad
        budget of preferably less than $1000 for the machine and $300-$400 for the grinder?

        so total cost around $1500.

        we generally drink the milky varieties my usual being the flat white.

        cheers guys



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          How long is a piece of string?

          It all comes down to personal preference. There are plenty of threads on all the different machines in this bracket.

          Rather than ask a question you know everyone else asks, have a look at the threads, EM7000, BES920, Lelit, Silvia, Gaggia, research and make up your own mind.


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            Welcome to CS staverage!!

            For mostly milk drinks a budget of circa 2k would open up a world of difference.

            Diadema Junior Semi Auto (PUL) Display model package | Talk Coffee


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              I'm definitely doing my research don't worry about that. i think from what i've read so far the bes920 is looking the goods.
              Being a bit of a rookie i was just wanting a nudge in the right direction !


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                Following your research, you have to buy the machine and grinder that you expect will give you the results you want, at the price you are happy to pay.

                While I have had no experience with the upmarket Italian made machines, I am able to talk about the Breville BES920 and the Breville Smart Grinder.
                For just short of three years I have been using and have been most satisfied with a Breville Dual Boiler BES900.

                At one year old I had to have a failed O ring replaced. This problem and other generic faults have been removed by Breville while developing the BES920.

                While developing the Dual Boiler coffee machines, the Breville staff looked at many commercial and upmarket machines to find what they wanted in their new machines.

                I doubt that there are any other machines that give you as much benefit for your buck as the BES920.

                My machine continues to make great coffee.



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                  Thanks for your advice and opinion Barry that's great to know, good bang for the buck is what I'm after!



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                    Hi steve,

                    You've got some great options with a budget of 1,500. You could pick up a grinder from lelit, rancilio, compak or macap and a machine from lelit or rancilio to name some. Obviously lots of combinations there and if you want help coming up with a great combination for you - that's what we do!



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                      An option no one has mentioned is a La Pavoni Europiccola and maybe a Compak K3. Love my little lever machine.