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  • Breville BES860

    Hey guys just wanted your opinion on the Breville BES860.

    Iv found a second hand one near me, less than 12 months old for under $400, is this a good deal?

    at this price I could still afford to buy a quality grinder than use the built in one, or would I be better off buying a new BES840 and grinder instead?

    thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Yo Tigerblood, welcome to the forum.

    The BES860 has already been superseded by BES870, so I think he's definitely asking too much and if its less than 12 months old it's probably new old stock and was bought at a knock down price.
    I would steer clear from any combination unit and as you're already prepared to purchase a grinder you're halfway there on your coffee jouney, but not with a BES860. No than $300 tops imo if you're determined to have it.


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      Thanks Brevillista,

      I think I'm looking at a couple of options.

      1. Breville BES840 with Smart Grinder 820
      2. Breville BES870 on its own
      3. Second hand Breville BES 900 ($600) and Smart Grinder 820.

      Really appreciate any input.



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        You've got to go with the the BES900 double boiler, if that includes the grinder that looks a great price.
        Not sure if I'd go down the path with a 900 it's pretty much a disposable unit if anything serious goes wrong with it and even if you're handy some of the parts are almost impossible to obtain. Also you can't descale it, it has to go in to a service centre.
        You don't say what you will be using it for espresso, lattes, or a bit of both?


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          Just for lattes, the 900 was $600 on its own, I just meant it would buy a smart grinder to go with it.

          Iv been reading the thread on the 920 and I'm starting to think maybe I should just wait, save a bit more and get one of those.

          Hopefully some good EOFY sales will star popping up soon.


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            If you're only going to make lattes I would recommend the BES 870, but do take out an extended warranty.
            Be warned though that you can outgrow this machine fairly quickly and before you know where you are you'll want a full blown proper espresso machine.


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              Iv got a BES860 which is actually quite a good machine for the money , only things that really lets it down is the weakness of the grinder and the time it takes to steam milk.
              Iv had some amazing shots from mine lately , although I currently have a Mazzer super jolly sitting next to it

              My pick for your price range would be the dual boiler and the best grinder you can afford.