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  • EM7000 settings

    My EM6910 has started to develop strange symptoms - a very nasty sound for the first pour most days, erratic steam behavior, and leakage of clear water from around the filter basket. Therefore, since the EM7000 is now available for $399 (clearance) I bought one. I have had my EM6910 for so long that I do not remember any settings I changed from factory default.
    So, are there any recommendations for changes to the default settings? I use the machine for milk drinks but also for straight espressos; always pouring double shots.

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    I suggest leave it at factory until you sort the new Grind/Dose/Tamp process and then look at changing settings. The machine is different enough from the EM6910 to assume the old settings are not suited to the new machine.


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      If you overfill the basket, then it will leak water from the basket.
      See my post in here