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Using Breville Double Basket all the time?

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  • Using Breville Double Basket all the time?

    Hi Guys,

    I have really started getting into my coffee now and have just purchased a Breville BES870 Barista Express with inbuilt Burr Grinder.
    Buying my Beans fresh, and grinding when required.

    I know not the best machine, however after researching and watching many reviews, this and the Dual Broiler machine have gotten pretty good reviews.

    Im in the process of learning about Grind settings, Tamp Force, Infusion times e.t.c. - WOW i didn't realise how technical it really was, but I'm loving it.

    I was told by the sales rep from Breville not bother with Single shot Basket and to always use the Double shot one.
    I have started doing this now but I'm finding the shots to be too strong.

    Im mostly making Cappucinos/Latte's and occasional espresso.

    Here's my question;

    If i am using the Double Shot basket to make a single cappuccino, am i meant to select the Single shot button, or the double?
    I understand by selecting the double, effectively will pour two shots.

    However pressing single shot button with a double size basket, what would that produce? Same amount of water flow as a single, but through more grind?

    Sounds like i would be wasting a lot of coffee also ( assuming i fill the basket to the top and tamp to spec.

    Just want to make sure I'm on the right path here.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Generally I get better results with my BES900 with the double basket (into two cups) than the single; better crema and flavour. Having said that i've never really tried to dial in the single basket, i'm usually making multiple cups, or will have a double shot.

    As you surmised, using the two cup button you will get two shots (its meant to be one in each cup), whilst the one cup button will give you a single shot with extra grinds (effectively a double ristretto).

    If its too strong for you, have you tried using the single shot basket? The settings will be different from the double, but its worth giving it a go if the double is too strong and you don't want to chew through your beans. Alternatively if its just the flavour that is too strong, add some extra milk in.


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      Thanks for the reply Gnat.

      I only purchased the machine a few days ago but have been practicing over 10+ cups now trying to get the right Extraction and timing.

      I had it worked out well (in terms of extraction) with the single, but after reading to use the Double basket i have been trying that out today, but noticed it is too strong.
      Im usually making a capp for me and the wife, so i will just continue to use the double basket, but have it going into two cups.

      Im just using some Lavazza Perfetto Espresso Beans at the moment whilst i get my consistency right, then i will buy some better quality, fresher beans.
      Perhaps this bean is a more bitter type also.


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        I have a Breville and have always used the double basket as the single is too finicky and has a lower tolerance for error.

        If I were you, I'd just use the double basket, and program the single button to pour only 20ml of coffee. That way, you are pouring a shorter double ristretto, which will have a nicer flavour but not as strong tasting as a full 30ml double ristretto.

        I only ever pour myself double ristretto's, and if I'm making 2 at once I'll just give myself a smaller cup.

        And as you said, use fresh beans. I pulled my hair out using the bag of supplied beans wondering why it looked like brown water but almost choked the machine.


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          If the baskets are the same across the board for all Breville machines you will find that the single is in fact a double and the double is a triple.

          That is the reason why you will find that the 'double' doesn't produce a good coffee unless you like it really strong, or are splitting it between two cups.

          The easiest way to tell is measure your coffee.

          It is in fact false to tell people that own Breville machines to chuck out their single as it's not a true single.


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            With my BDB I use the smaller basket with a double shot in it most of the time. Last weekend I used the larger basket a lot as I was brewing coffee for a heap of friends.



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              Yep the single shaped basket takes 12 to 14g depending on coffee /grind and makes a great single sized shot.

              I have recently been experimenting with the larger basket and finer grinds. I can get down to 16 - 16.5g before the level of coffee is to low to tamp properly. Good for a nice little double ristretto....Also I have found over time if your dosing higher around 19g you really need to have the temp set around 95 / 96 otherwise acidity gets out of hand, unless you are using a roast well into second crack, that may not need it.