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  • Sunbeam EM7000 Question..

    Hey CS-ers..

    I have just purchased a Sunbeam EM7000 and own a Breville Smart Grinder already (with shim kit installed..). Currently I use a 480ml Mug, make a latte style coffee, and I'm looking for tips on how to get the best out of the machine. I aim for 25 second pour, grinding in 2 shots worth of coffee, with a reasonable tamp down. It sits nicely in the "correct" zone on the pressure gauge, and the crema seems ok but..

    Should I use pre-infusion?
    Do I need different (pressurised) baskets?
    What weight of coffee grinds is roughy best? (18g?)

    Any other advice/tips from EM7000 owners welcome..


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    There is no real answer to that as it's all down to individual taste.

    Personally I use a 200ml cup, 14g in a 15g VST, fine grind, 8.5 bar 37 seconds, produces approximately 30ml, 150ml of milk that has lots of froth.

    My BF uses a 500ml beer stein, 2 x 20g in a 22g VST, fine grind, 8.5 bar 45 seconds, produces about 120ml, 160ml of milk and a couple of scoops of ice cream. Yes he drinks this in the morning, who am I to tell him he can't


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      Agree with shapeshifter, i.e. personal taste.

      I have breville smart grinder too (the new one) BCG820 as shipped (no shims that I am aware of).

      For a single strong latte, this is what I do, and Im very happy with result:-

      EM7000 settings are all default (infusion default)
      Single basket.
      Grinder setting 3, for 12 seconds (yields 14g)
      Tamp lightly
      Bang on table a few times
      Tamp hard (30kg)
      Default single button gives me about 30-35ml of = good crema espresso

      I use a nice nespresso cup which my mum bought me as a present, its volume is 150ml.
      I add the milk to that. I have 2 of these in the morning and Im good all day.

      Store bought coffee is not as good as this.


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        I use the EM0480 grinders and my EM7000 delivers superb coffee using default settings. I will be experimenting but I've only had it a couple of months and there's been 4 different beans in that time.

        Stay away from the double floor baskets. The milk temp gauge is accurate but it measures the temp at the wand, NOT the temp out in the milk. My best coffees come when the brew gauge is in the low part of the red segment. I dose lower than recommended, about 5mm below the rim, and that works for both the SB basket and my VST's. 5mm below the rim gives me about 15gm in both those baskets.

        The milk gauge thing means your milk will be at best place about 4º - 5º ABOVE the top of the recommended segments.

        I also use progressive tamping. Look it up. Circa 3kg tamps are much more accurate than 15kg worth of pressure. And it distributes the pressure profile more evenly through the puck.