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  • EM6910 Brew Temp

    Hey everyone,

    I bought a cheap EM6910 off gumtree last week for $50 to stuff around with. I thought if it works, then I will take it into work and have decent espresso without having to leave the office.

    Anyways, after a good descale and clean with Cafiza, it works, however, the espresso that it produces seems to be just above warm. I read about making the temp 4 degrees higher so I did that but it didn't really make much of a difference.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what they think may be wrong and how I could fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You can adjust the temperature on an EM6910?


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      How does it taste? Do you have a machine next to it to compare it to... It might sound silly but people often pour into a cold cup and worry about the temperature of the espresso.

      Other than a factory reset I can't think of much else you can do... you would need a scace to accurately check it. Servicing a $50 machine doesn't sound very worthwhile


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        Taste I probably a little sour..and yeah I am not really fussed if it doesn't work it was only $50 and gave me a bit of fun cleaning it up haha. And yeah you can adjust the hole the single and double espresso buttons in then switch the machine on


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          Originally posted by MrJack View Post
          You can adjust the temperature on an EM6910?
          • Programmable brew and steam temperature (limited) - great that they provide this feature - but is virtually useless. I suspect feature was added to allow the user to make compensations for poor quality control and inconsistencies between each machine.


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            leave the machine on for 1/2 an hour with the PF in the group.
            purge some water through it all and leave for another 5.
            then take a thermocouple from a DMM (Digital Multimeter) and stick it inside the PF, turn on the brew water and measure the actual output temp of the brew water.