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Servicing Imat Napolitana Combo (rebadged Lelit, Nemox, Quaha etc)

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  • Servicing Imat Napolitana Combo (rebadged Lelit, Nemox, Quaha etc)

    Hi guys,

    I'm a Imat Napolitana Combo owner (rebadged Lelit, Nemox, Quaha etc) and after some deliberation have decided I will get my hands dirty and will service my own machine. The machine hasn't been serviced for over 5 years but is still going strong and hasn't skipped a beat. So my question is, what are some of the standard things to replace / clean if I were to perform a minor service?

    * Replace group head seal
    * Descale
    * Clean shower screen

    Is there something else that I should add to the list that is easy to perform? Btw this is the version of the machine doesn't have a 3-way valve so I'm unable to perform a backflush.

    I have found the following resources that I will use as a guide.

    The Pullman Tamper | Imat / Quaha Tips | Replacing the group gasket
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    Ok found this thread which has almost all the info I need, so I placed my order over at Jetblack Espresso and will try my hand at performing the maintenance when the bits arrive


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1403943676514.jpg
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ID:	737488 Ok i'm up to here and trying to replace the steam thermostat but don't know which one it is? They all look the same

      Any one know which one it is?


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        Your multimeter or a wiring diagram should provide you with the answer to that. The thermostat will be operative when the steam circuit is live...


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          Yep as above or see if there are degree ratings shown on them. From memory the steam one is 125 degrees. Or you could just trace the wires from the steam switch? Are you replacing with the higher temp version (140 degrees IIRC), will give more steaming power. The newer models have this higher temp sensor as do the silvias.

          The one with the red button is the resettable over temp sensor.



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            Oh brilliant idea artman! I'll trace it from the steam switch when I get home later tonight. Yes this is the 140 degree sensor Hopefully this works as I don't have a multimeter lol


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              So I performed the following service yesterday and found the following:

              1) Replaced the group head seal / gasket.
              The group handle now needs to rotate even further right (counter-clockwise) to lock in. Might be because the seal is thinner than the old one? Also the very first extraction, water was leaking through the gap between the group head collar and the machines casing!!! Though I ran a few more extractions and the leak stopped. I'm guessing the seal hadn't 'settled' in just yet and took a couple of extractions before breaking in.

              2) Replaced the o-rings on the steam control tap and gave it a clean.
              Didn't notice very much here. The o-rings seemed to be in good shape when I replaced them anyway.

              3) Replaced the steam thermostat to the higher 140 degree version.
              Following Mr Artman's tip above, I simply traced the wiring from the steam switch to the thermostat because they all look the same otherwise. Replacing it was a cinch. Unscrew and replace. Now on to steam power, it's absolutely ridiculous! I've always been impressed with the steam power on these machines and found it plentiful, but now having done the little upgrade, it's totally out of control. Milk literally exploded onto my face! Looks like I'll have to re-learn how to steam milk and dial it in slowly - Awesome stuff! On the down-side, the steam wand seems to leak a whole lot more now when I'm passing water through the nozzle. I opened up the top to see where the leak was originating from and it's coming from within the valve / piping. I've read on other threads that there is no way to fix this other than replacing the steam wand. It's not bothering me a whole heap but if it does, I might look at replacing the steam wand (or the valve?).

              4) Cleaned the shower screen (and all the muck between the shower screen and group head) and descaled the machine.
              I only had a bag of Aldi beans at hand and when I previously used this a week ago, I found the flavours to be a little unbalanced and bitter (I'm not the best at describing flavours). Following the clean, I now realise that it was most probably the machine that was tainting the flavour. The coffee I extracted tasted a whole heap better. It lost it's unpleasant bitterness and tasted over all, just much better rounded in every way. Can't wait to try some nicer beans like some of the blends from Gumption

              Future Upgrades
              I've read in another thread that the steam wand tip can be replaced with the 3-hole Elektra tip so I have ordered one now *fingers crossed*. I did check that my tip could unscrew prior to ordering. Will report back once I've completed this upgrade but for those interested in doing the same, you can find the tip at Espressocare. Don't think I'm allowed to link it here so just Google "Elektra Microcasa Steam Wand Tip Brass". The model number is 01400021 for the chrome version or 01400019 for the brass one.