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Anyone happy with their Ascaso Dream?

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  • Anyone happy with their Ascaso Dream?

    I recently scored an Ascaso Dream for a good price (it came with the i-Mini grinder I was looking for). I realise they probably aren't the best in their class, but it should be able to make an acceptable coffee, and it looks sweet in my retro kitchen ;0)

    The espresso side of things seems straightforward, I'll experiment with grind and tamp to get this right. Where I'm a bit stumped though is steaming. For example - coffee before steam or steam first? Do you leave the coffee switch on while steaming? What does it mean when water & steam flow out through the LHS downpipe into the tray? Should I wait for it to finish or am I wasting steam?

    I'm still at the early frustration stage and running out of steam too quickly, so any tips from successful users would go a long way right now!