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Silvia v3 was leaking, replaced grouphead seal, now sticking

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  • TC
    Sounds to me like an 8.5mm seal would have been a better choice in this instance.

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  • Yelta
    Morning Ozsmac,

    Are the seals you purchased genuine Rancilio seals? a lot of after market parts are cheaper however the quality can leave a lot to be desired.

    The portafilter should not stick in the manner you describe.

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  • Silvia v3 was leaking, replaced grouphead seal, now sticking

    I'm seeking some help from the sponsor I purchased my replacement seals from (who have previously been amazing and ship my orders so quickly, Amazon could learn a thing or two), however as it is Saturday, just looking for any additional input (as I don't expect they will respond over the weekend). It's likely to be something I'm doing wrong anyway! Sorry in advance for the incorrect terminology or odd description.

    I recently purchased 2 replacement Group Head Seal 8mm for my Silvia V3, as I was having a water leaking problem around the portafilter that is normally due to a worn seal (thanks to my research on Coffee Snobs).

    I installed the first one, however for some reason I still needed to then take it out and use one of the group head spacers that I purchased (did the trick). The problem was that when I was trying to tighten my portafilter, it was sticking very badly, not due to the tension or amount I was doing it up, just because the rubber seems to be “sticking” (sorry don’t know how to describe it any better). I'm still finding that my basket is sticking to the rubber, to the point where I need to use a spoon to detach it as it separates from my portafilter when I remove to fill it will (never had this before in the 3 years I've owned the machine).

    I then removed the first seal, and tried the second one, only to have the same issue. When I looked at the first one, I found that seal itself had some odd bubbles in it.

    Hoping that you can help me find a solution, as this has now made my machine almost un-usable as even with light pressure doing up the portafilter, it sticks (just not a smooth tightening process that I’m used to). It’s the same no matter if I have any coffee in the basket or not.

    PS - I'm using the standard portafilter, with a syneso VS double basket.