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Gaggia - tripping house fuse - one solution, and q on washers on thermoblock

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  • Gaggia - tripping house fuse - one solution, and q on washers on thermoblock

    Hi Guys

    Like a few other people, my Gaggia Classic was shorting (and tripping the house fuse) after a lengthy clean. I checked the post 'Gaggia - electrical issue' which gave a heap of useful info (summary: ensure your boiler connecter points are not wet, or shorting against the boiler). Unfortunately, no go for me: the boiler element on the side with the thermo fuse was still blowing the house circuit. Did a bit more research, and can't exactly trace what solved what, but I got the machine going again (without fusing), and I thought I'd make a Coffee Snobs account and contribute it here in case others have the same problem (sort of a way of saying thanks for the initiali guidance in the 'Gaggia - electrical issue'.

    I'd already identified what I thought was the dodgy element: the one with the thermofuse, so...
    1) I isolated it and ran the power wires to just the boiler element on the right (as you look forward at the Gaggia). This is the element without the thermofuse. By excluding the boiler element that was tripping the fuse, this allowed the boiler to heat up significantly. Warning don't leave it on long - you're putting all the power through the one element! I suspect this may have dried off any moisture, but can't be sure (the thing was very dry already).

    2) The above didn't work first time, but then I checked the position of the thermofuse. I moved it back to its correct position (with the solid fuse section directly under the screw in stabiliser). Previously, the fuse wire was under this.

    Voila - it worked again. I suspect 2) was the right solution, as the boiler unit was already very dry, but I can't be 100% sure.

    So, if your Gaggia Classic is tripping your house fuse, and you've previously pulled it apart to clean it: make sure you replace the thermofuse (the bulbous bit) directly under the screw in stabiliser.

    Hope this helps someone, and of course, if you don't know what you're doing electrically, do not try this - call an electrician.
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