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  • Sunbeam ES6910 Cleaning Program

    Hi everyone,

    I just bought my first proper coffee machine yesterday (used) after using a Breville Cafe Roma for ages. I've read the manual, watched videos and gone through a lot of the threads on here but still am in need of some help.

    I don't have the cleaning tablets yet but just wanted to do a simple backflush. I'm not sure how to do this exactly tbh. I tried the cleaning disc in the double basket and running the automatic cleaning program as shown in the manual but it's not working. After keeping the single and double shot buttons pressed I press the power button briefly, but as soon as I release the single and double buttons instead of the lights running left to right, only the double shot button lights up.
    I've tried it a few times and get the same result.

    Could someone explain how to do a simple backflush and whether the automatic program is even necessary?

    Thanks so much!

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    you can easily do it yourself manually. Just insert the disk in the basket as you said, whack it in as if you were going to pull a shot, and then hit the manual button. let it run for a bit (I usually just count to 7) and then hit the manual button again to stop it. Wait for 10-15 seconds, and repeat several times. If you are using cleaning powder/tab etc do the same with the cleaning agent added to the basket, and then again without, making sure you get rid of all the cleaner. The benefit of the auto program is you can just let it do its thing and walk away, though i still found that i would have to rinse through a fair bit of water myself to get rid of all the cleaner, and then always pulled a crappy half arsed shot before making one to actually be consumed.

    and just to confirm, you are holding in the single and double buttons, and pressing/releasing the power button while still holding in the others?


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      Thanks for that! I just tried the manual way as you mentioned, after a couple of seconds the handle kept rotating back from the pressure. I did tighten it as much as possible but it still kept moving. Just wondering if this is normal? The pressure gauge didn't go in to 'red' at all.

      And yes, I did keep the single and double buttons pressed all along.


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        So tried to get a cup of espresso but the group handle kept trying to move, and even if I held it in place nothing came out. Tried very gentle tamping pressure since I thought it might be too tightly packed.
        The pressure gauge moved up and stabilised right below the red zone every time as well.
        I think I was better off with my $20 Cafe Roma :/


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          Ok make sure you tighten the group handle until it is firm, at least perpendicular to you. Are you using the single walled baskets?

          Maybe it would help watching the dvd that came with the machine... honestly though the instruction manual should be sufficient


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            I'm actually going a bit beyond firm just to make sure. And yes single walled baskets.
            Unfortunately I got the machine second hand so don't have the DVD, but I've seen the videos on youtube and read the manual thoroughly.


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              are you grinding your own beans? if so, try grinding courser until you start getting a result and then you can fine tune your grind from there.

              As far as the group handle moving, the grind may just be too fine and the pressure is too much, but it may be a sign the group seal needs replacing (steam and water may be leaking around the edge of the handle too if thats the case). maybe. That may sound daunting if you aren't used to playing around with machines and gadgets, but its actually quite simple (there are instructions and I think videos around the place), and the seals don't cost much.


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                First thing - the clean program requires the machine to be OFF when you hold down the 2 buttons. So... turn the machine on and wait for all the lights. Put the disk in the basket, insert the basket into the group head and when you have all the lights on, briefly press Power to turn the machine off, immediately hold down Single & Double and press Power again. As soon as you see a light you can let them all release - the lights will cycle until the program runs - if you do it this way it usually cycles only once, but if you start from cold it will cycle a few times.

                I've never bothered with the tablets - WAY too expensive. I got some Cino Cleano from my roaster and used that. Now I have white vinegar, which just means 2 cleaning cycles with pure water after running the vinegar cycle. I do the vinegar thing about every 3 months, the rest of the time I just use a water cycle. Mind you, I use only reverse osmosis water in my machine so I don't have the usual problems with cehmicals the Utilities add to the water supply.


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                  Thanks for the help guys.

                  kuhnerz- Yes I am grinding my own beans. I tried all diff grinds and the handle was still rotating, actually it was doing so even during the backflush.
                  You're right, steam and water was leaking along the edge of the group head. I'll definitely have a look at the seals you mention. The previous owner is fine with taking it back but I got it for only $50 so I guess it's worth tinkering around with.

                  Journeyman- thanks for the tip, I'll try it the way you mention. I'm in Perth and I'm guessing the previous owner wasn't using RO water so there probably is significant buildup. Will definitely look into Cino Cleano.
                  My main concern at this stage is the group head/handle seal I guess.


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                    Yeah I am by no means an expert, but it sounds to me like it may be worth replacing the seal and seeing if that relieves the problem. At the same time (and if you are feeling motivated) it may be worth descaling the machine while you are at it, as you would be removing the filter/screen to do so which you are doing anyway to replace the seal.

                    For a relatively cheap machine it can give pretty good results with a bit of practice and for 50 bucks you cant go wrong!


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                      Thanks mate. Decided to take your advice and keep it after all. Funnily enough if I use the single shot button there are no issues with the group handle, it only happens if I use the manual button.
                      So atleast I can get my espresso fix 'phew' haha


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                        Originally posted by CoffeeNewb1 View Post
                        So tried to get a cup of espresso but the group handle kept trying to move, and even if I held it in place nothing came out. Tried very gentle tamping pressure since I thought it might be too tightly packed.
                        The pressure gauge moved up and stabilised right below the red zone every time as well.
                        I think I was better off with my $20 Cafe Roma :/
                        sounds like you are grinding way too fine. guages are just a guide, but if nothing is coming out then generally its the grind thats too fine.

                        also, have you done the '5c test' to check your dose?

                        make sure you have the basics right first before looking for larger problems that may not exist. good luck with it. em6910 is a reasonable machine for the home barista.