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Problem with EM6910 steam dial

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  • Problem with EM6910 steam dial

    Hi I'm a newbie and need some advice. Bought the machine a couple of months ago (and have lost receipt) and the dial for steam gets stuck while turning it on and then when I try to turn it off. Pressure seems fine while it is on. Feels stiff or sticky! Not sure how else to describe it. Any tips?
    I am north of Brisbane if anyone knows who might be able to fix it?

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    Erm, are you sure you have the right machine?


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      This happened on my newish Sunbeam EM6910 too. The service guy (over the phone) told me to pull the knob off and then give it a quick 'clean' (just with a cotton bud or something similar, with some light alcohol-based cleaner), on the area that contacts the metal spindle. I then pushed it back on and it did the job.

      [p.s. don't quite know what you are getting at mwcalder05...?]


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        Do what JamesJames says and while the knob is off, check the screw in the centre - mine was loose (& eventually fell out) and I was having all kinds of strange issues with steam until I tightened it again - at which point all the 'issues' vanished.


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          Ahh I see, I took the word 'dial' as the steam temp gauge on the EM7000. Never-mind me!