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  • First time espresso machine buyer

    Hi, I am new on, so please be gentle, OK?
    I would like to buy my first espresso machine. I have my mind set onto Breville BES840 machine, mainly because other options with pre-infuser, PID and purger are outside my price range. I tried to find one in Melbourne, but I am not sure where to look. Is there a reputable retailer of new or used quality coffee gear in Melbourne?

    Thanks heaps for any response,

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    i'm guessing you want to see one in the flesh before biting down on the purchase? If not I'd suggest the online myer store or go into a local myers and get them to ship one to the store and collect it later.

    If you are not against second hand goods, look in the hardware for sale section in this forum for a rancilio silvia + PID with pre-infusion. You'll find its almost the same with a more reputable history (though you'll be paying a wee bit more depending on age and condition of the unit - though there are quite a few on sale atm).

    i hope you've also already set your eyes on a good grinder! if not i'll recommend the smart grinder for the kind of budget you're working at. =)

    good luck with the purchase and welcome to CS!


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      I ended up getting a Lelit pl041 and a compak m3 push. Amazing machines. Brought at jetblack espresso,

      Jetblack said they sell 10 lelit to every silvia. Shots are easy to pour. Takes 5 mins for the machine to beat up and the shots are easier to learn


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        I just replaced my 5+ year old Breville Icon with a Rancilio Sylvia V4. The latter just arrived yesterday. Very exciting. I paired it up with a Baratza Preciso grinder, which was the top rated grinder in its price category (AUD300-400), performing just as good as the more expensive grinders. I set the Preciso at about 9-10 (macro) and halfway ('F') on the micro setting. Anyway, after flushing the Rancilio's steam wand numerous times (it gave off an iodine cleaner-type of smell/taste), I am making great flat whites, lattes etc. I have to find a 58mm tamper, though. The tamper that comes with the machine is completely useless. I don't get why Rancilio even bothers with sending a plastic tamper--and too small to boot--with such a highly regarded product.


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          Lots of different tamper options. But Pullman tampers are Aussie
          Made and a beutiful unit and site sponsors and there is also the Pergtamp combined with of Pullman and Sensory Lab in Melbourne.
          But also all site sponsors shops have tampers for sale.


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            Ours are also Aussie made- by CS'er Gavin and are top notch quality
            Bogav Classic Tamper | Talk Coffee
            Bogav Assassin Tamper | Talk Coffee


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              There are also function specific tampers eg the great leveller for consistent levelling and eazytamp and espro for consistent tamping pressure


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                Love those Bogav tempers didn't realise they r made by a CS'er