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EM 6910 clone (Graef ES90) flashing red power light ...

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  • EM 6910 clone (Graef ES90) flashing red power light ...

    Good morning dear fellow coffee buffs !

    About 15 seconds after turning the Power on, the red (power) light begins blinking.
    Start up goes on as always, and everything works but for the group thermoblock that is not heating.
    Steam works normally as well as group pump.

    Occasionally it has done this in the past, but it was only a matter of turning on and off, and it fixed itself immediately, now it stays on blinking and won't heat.

    Any ideas on what might be going on, and how to fix it ?

    PS: I'm from Brazil, and am active at Home Barista, Kaffee-Netz and our Brazilian Clube do Cafe fora.
    I've been following Coffeesnobs for over three years, and it's information helped me greatly.
    I already exchanged the collar group, and fixed the steam pump with your help.
    Bought this machine about three years ago, while in Germany.
    My main espresso machine is a Bezzera Strega, paired with a HG-One grinder. Use Pharos with the Graef.

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    Anybody knows of a reset key combination ?
    Is there some kind of group thermal fuse that may have blown ?
    Is there a fuse I may reset or replace ?


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      Yes, thermal fuse on the Thermoblock.

      check this out. page 19.
      145'c Thermal Fuse, generic part, easy to get.

      I had to replace 2 on teh steam block in my 6910


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        Great, thank you Robbks !!
        Do I get to it stripping only the side panel or do I have to get off the top also ?
        Never changed one of these, will need a little soldering I guess ...


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          Top off for the brew thermoblock
          Can't solder, it's stainless steel wire.
          you need to use brass crimp connectors


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            Never solder thermal fuses. The constant high heat near the solder will cause it to deteriorate quickly.
            Only ever use a crimp connection.


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              Easier for me, I'm not good with the soldering iron [emoji3]
              I'll try to find were to buy these here, only seen the old glass electrical fuses.
              Thank you very much !


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                I got mine on ebay.
                $7 a pack of 5

                I also have a number of the relays. I had them lock up in mine and stay ON all the time


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                  This morning I decide to flush the water from the tank.
                  When I turned it on I was surprised as it flushed the thermoblock and boiling water came out.
                  However it began flashing immediately after and the group didn't heated any more.
                  I flushed about 1 liter, and left the machine on. Red power light always flashing.
                  About 15 minutes latter I verified that the group was warm, I flushed and warm water came out.
                  I turned the machine out and on again and it stopped flashing !
                  Pulled a double and worked without a hitch ...
                  That's a temperamental machine, full of surprises ..