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Jura Impressa C5 - Grinder Problem

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  • Jura Impressa C5 - Grinder Problem


    I have an Jura Impressa C5 at home, and the last few days it have been giving me a hard time.
    It sounds like the grinder is having problems grinding. It's running slow and seems to be struggeling.

    I tore the grinder completly apart and cleaned everything. Did the same as these guys: RainyDayKitchen: Jura Z7 Grinder Cleaning by Wan Chi Lau - October 19, 2011
    On top of the grinder-motor, there is a lot of small ballbearings. These seemed slow and almost stuck, so i sprayed a little WD40 on them.

    Put the machine all together and it workd like a charm. Grinded like new, and a lot less noice than before
    Worked like that for one day, and now it's back to the slow moving grinder.

    Anybody got any idea what the problem could be?

    Best regards
    Sindre, Norway

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    Tore the grinder apart again, cleaned all the small balls and had grease on them.
    Put the machine together and it almost did not run.

    At it again, pulled everything apart. Watched a video in YouTube where a guy showed the brushes for the grinder. So i checked my brushes, and they are completly shot.
    So i will try the local dealer on monday


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      It's possible the commutator has taken damage as well. Can you smell any electrical burning coming from the grinder motor? This could be indicative of other problems. You might get lucky with the brushes but it's probably easier and more reliable to replace the whole motor.

      Good luck with Jura repairers, they flat out refuse to sell internal spare parts for their machines and require themselves to do all servicing here in Australia. You might have more luck in Norway.
      If you still can't get the parts, there are online dealers who sell Jura parts. Alternatively, Krups machines are basically the same as the Jura's except without the absurd price tag. You should be able to use a grinder from a Krups.
      I've also rebuilt Jura grinders using Saeco motors. Needs a bit of adaptation of parts to get the job done but it will work. Depends how technical you are at these things, sounds like you're comfortable stripping the machine down at least.


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        Thanks for the answere. The motor does not smell at all. As i said, yesterday it worked like a charm after i put it together.
        The brush was about 1mm thick, so basically not existing.

        I guess i'll buy a jura engine if i have to change it.

        I looked at these: Carbon brushes for the grinder motor - - Spare parts and accessories for coffee makers and coffee machines
        but they do not look like the one in my machine.
        I sendt them an email, asking if it will fit.

        Bying parts from the dealer is a long shot here in Norway top.