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Em6910 leaking water underneath onto bench

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  • Em6910 leaking water underneath onto bench

    Hi all,

    Through I would share a fix I did for the SB the other day. Firstly the leak is caused by the outlet tip that goes into the drip tray blocking up. This must have caused the small tube to undo itself from the outlet tip and then run into the machine and branch top instead of into the drip tray.

    Its a pretty big job to get to the inside of the machine to where the tube connects to the outlet, the machine was In lots of pieces.

    The lesson here is the clean out the tip so you don't have this issue. While I had it apart I undid the pipes at the top of the steamer and gave these a good clean out too. Now the steam wand turns off almost as soon as I turn the control. Before it would be up to 10 seconds until the steam stopped.

    Overall it's been a great machine. A few years back I also replaced a cracked collar and seals every year or so.

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    I've got the exact same problem but can't figure out how to get to the back of the nozzle. I've removed the L/H panel and moved the circuit board out of the way so I can see the leak. Are you about to provide more details on how you managed to get to the drip tray outlet to clear the blockage & fix the leak?