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Lelit PL41 Questions From A Newbie

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  • Lelit PL41 Questions From A Newbie

    Please can anyone help?

    I'm thinking about buying a Lelit PL1LEM, can anyone tell me the dimension between the bottom of the portafilter spout to the driptray?

    Also, does the Lelit share common parts with another brand? - I'm in the UK and parts don't seem to be readily available here.

    I've posted here as Lelit seem to be fairly popular machines in Australia, and I've gained some great information on Coffee Snobs.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help


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    I have the PL60T and I believe the cup hight dimensions are similar.

    Using a Naked Protafilter I can fit my large travel cup with a few mm spare, that cup is 110mm tall.
    I estimate about 85mm from the drip tray to the spout


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      Thanks Robbks, that's great. I like to make a caffe lungo or crema and need to get a big cup on the machine. Not sure that I'd be confident with a naked portafilter for a while though.

      Thanks Again


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        Just pour your shots into another glass or small jug if you can't fit the cups under


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          Or you can also temporarily remove the drip tray grille giving you a few more cms of height.



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            Thanks artman, it's either that or ditch the favourite cup and find a new one (how can I be that attached to a cup?)


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              ^^ I was contemplating re-plumbing the 3-way valve drain in my PL60 into the second drip tray so I could remove it when pouring into my travel mugs.

              But using the Naked PF gave the needed clearnace


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                Thanks again Robbks, The good people at jetblack espresso sent me the information - it's 7cm. Thanks to jetblack - wish I was local and could give them my business, they seem to be a top notch supplier and are really helpful. Unfortunately import duty would make cost prohibitive.


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                  ^^ Definitely good operators at Jetblack.
                  They've supplied my machine (i'm in a different state) and offered great advice and solutions when I've had small issues.

                  Recently I noticed teh steam power was down a little, Charlie knew what it would be straight away. easy fix in under a minute.