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Where to buy rancilio silvia in Sunshine Coast

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  • Where to buy rancilio silvia in Sunshine Coast


    My old Breville BES820 has given up on me.
    It made a loud bang while steaming milk and water has since been pouring out of the housing.
    I am thinking of upgrading to the rancilio silvia (or the BES840).
    However I was hoping to see one in action first.

    Is there anywhere on the sunshine coast that stocks these?

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    Check out the CS sponsors but I don't think there are any up your way. Might have to come to Brisbane for a visit and look. IMHO go the Silvia over the Breville- the Silvia will last you forever! But do you have a good grinder??? Fresh beans and a good grinder are a must!! Plenty of sponsors do a Silvia and Rocky deal

    Good luck!! Check out the for sale section too.


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      Thanks for your help.
      I have the Breville smart grinder. I was happy enough with the shots I had from my last machine.
      So hopefully it will be okay.

      I have just contacted the Site Sponsors, but it sound like I may need to pop down to Brisbane.
      Are there any recommendations for places in Brisbane?


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        I own a silvia and I live on the sunny coast, but that's just in my home though