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  • Shot technique - BES870

    Hi all,

    I've recently purchased a Barista Express BES870. I'm happy with the results I've been getting thus far but have a few things I'd like to try and get right. Overall, I'm currently having a problem with the size of my shots and the extraction time. From the manual, the goal appears to be:

    Flow starts after: 4-7 seconds
    Extraction takes: 25-35 seconds
    Shot size: 30ml

    I've run a few tests to try and get it right but not having much luck.

    Details of the tests are as follows:

    Whole Beans: Bills Beans - Mr Smooth. Roasted on 29/7/14 (today is 23/8/14). From my knowledge these are good quality beans.
    Filter: Single filter basket that came with the machine. Picture below:**/fvUG-v8A.B

    Filter size selection: Single
    Cup selection: 1 cup
    Machine is warm before starting.
    Puck is trimmed with the included dose trimming tool.

    Results are below (when I list numbers for Dose and Pressure, it is where they are showing on the manual gauge with reference to a clock face). As you can see, none of the conditions I've tested so far are giving me even close to the required shot size. I can get the total extraction time in the 25-35 second range..but only if I grind very fine and get a small shot. I realise I have not tried every variable but any help would be appreciated.
    Test Grind Dose Tamp Flow starts after (seconds) Total time (seconds) Pressure ml
    1 No coffee in basket, test with water 42
    2 2 1 Med 12 35 2 4
    3 7 11 Med 10 25 1 9
    4 9 Min Med 8 20 1 21
    5 10 Min Soft 8 17 11 22
    6 10 Min Hard 8 18 12 22

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    Ditch the single basket and read this thread.

    All you need to know