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  • Silvia PID steaming time

    Hi I'm currently thinking about getting a PID for my Silvia, will it speed up the shot to steam time at all? Or will it be about the same time to get the steam up to temperature?

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    A PID might speed the time to pour or steam by a little, and it will do it more efficiently, plus you will no longer have to put up with the 30 degree swing up and down that Silvia normally enjoys, no more 'temp surfing'. It could be the best thing you do with your Silvia, besides your morning coffee.


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      How does the steam switch work? I'm guessing it switches to an alternative pressurestat or something like that?

      If so, the element should be on from the moment you hit the switch, and a PID will not increase the output of your heater (I.e. it won't be faster).
      In fact, if it's poorly set up, it may actually take longer (as the PID will back off the heat early to minimise overshoot).


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        Hmmm well I was mainly thinking of getting one if it did speed up the time to get a latte made. Otherwise I'll just save for a HX machine


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          While the heating time is probably the same as that is determined by the element, it improved my milk coffee total times as the temp read out allows me to know when I can purge and allows me to begin steaming prior to the thermostat reaching the upper limit.

          I usually purge at about 123-4 and then begin steaming at 135. Thermostat is set to switch off at 140. If hit my goal temps and begin steaming at the right time, the element never switches off and I get great steam. Temp usually ends up around 130 by th end of steaming.

          To be honest it probably only saves me 15-20 secs but it allows me to be much more consistent as I can tell what temp I'm at throughout the process.


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            The big benefit with PID Control of Steam generation, is that it will hold the Boiler Temp. at or very near to the Setpoint while you are texturing your milk, whereas a t/stat will cycle through its hysteresis (dead-band) and therefore won't maintain steam availability at a constant rate. Not a big deal if you are only texturing milk for a single coffee at a time, but can be a nuisance with larger quantities...