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Problem with steam wand on Breville BES870

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  • Problem with steam wand on Breville BES870

    Hi, I recently bought this machine from a Breville Outlet. For a start it was missing a part of the grinder (which Breville are sending) but it also seems to have problems with the steaming wand. I am a newbie home barista so a lot of this might be operator error but the steamer seemed to be very flaky, stopping after a few seconds, not going at all. I did all the stuff recommended in the manual including taking the tip off and soaking it but it was still not great so I took the whole wand off to seem how much steam the machine produced without it. This seemed to work much better. But when I attach the wand again it still doesn't work properly. I'm not great mechanically so is there any trick to attaching the wand? The parts involved include the wand, a metal washer and a spring (I could include a photo if somebody could show me how!) The other thing I'm thinking is that I've bought a dud machine that somehow ended up in the Breville Outlet. My other problem is that I live in Indonesia so can't just pop into the nearest Breville Service Centre! Any help much appreciated!


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    Hello Phil,

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

    It appears that the holes at the end of the steam wand are blocked by dried milk.

    Did you get a hole pricker provided with your machine to use to clean out the holes?

    When you get the holes working, it is important to flush the milk out of the tip with steam after each use.



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      Hi Barry, thanks for your reply! To answer your question, yes I have - many times (there is only one hole by the way). And the hole appears to be completely clear.


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        OK, I sorted it out myself - I just put the wand back on WITHOUT the spring and now it works like a ripper! Not sure what purpose the spring serves apart from giving the wand some stiffness, but it obviously wasn't set properly and was intermittently blocking the hole. Problem solved. Happy man!