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BES900 Cleaning Cycle - Am I Doing it Wrong?

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  • BES900 Cleaning Cycle - Am I Doing it Wrong?

    Hi guys

    Just had the first 'clean me' message on my BES900 and did the cleaning cycle.

    But I have a sense all is not right. I watched a couple of youtube vids of people cleaning their machines and water/cleaning fluid is pouring out of the portafilter - as i would have expected. But my rubber disc is solid - no hole/opening anywhere so when I did the cleaning cycle no water came thru the portafilter.

    I am guessing this is not normal?

    So I'm wondering if I should knock a hole in it or if I am doing something wrong?

    I have attached a pic of my silicone disc which you can see is solid as well as one I googled which seems to have a perforation

    Any advice would be appreciated

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