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Can you wear out a group handle?

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  • Can you wear out a group handle?

    I have owned a bezzera bz02 forever
    has just started to leak around the group handle head / handle when extracting - no tamp grind issues
    Have always replaced screens seals and maintained well - backflushing, clean etc
    Stripped down and cleaned - all those issues are fine
    I guess that the handle is quite a bit looser than 20 years ago -goes all the way around now with minimal effort
    The chrome handle finish has worn off quite a while ago so I was wondering about the handle?
    I've only ever had the one handle and the other ones in my collection (rancillio) don't fit to test the theory
    Do I need a new handle or might there be another reason
    Appreciate any thoughts

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    The group handle and collar wear against each other. You can get a shim that goes under group seal from coffeeparts fpr about $8 and takes up extra room.


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      Or make a spacer out of plastic to fit.



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        Many Thanks
        I am happy to report that I had a more thorough look and found a spare group handle that actually fits more snugly and is working a charm
        The shim idea is a beauty as the handle on the replacement isn't so good but not interchangeable with handle 1


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          I butchered a section of a silicon baking mat to make a shim that was suitably thin, happy to seal, and good for food use. Of course the $8 shim solution above is probably cheaper and better! In my case (old EM6910) it looked like the collar was a little worn (took 6 years); my hack extended life at least a year until other things acted up.