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PID for Della Corte Mini, maybe?

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  • PID for Della Corte Mini, maybe?

    Hey dudes,

    I'm new here, be gentle.

    I've just picked up an older DC Mini (pre analogue temp adjustment knob, exposed group) and would like to retro-fit a simple PID controller to manage group temp.

    there is a PID kit online for a modest price, comes with SSR etc too which is handy:

    auction site link removed per Digital PID Temperature Controller with SS-Relay | Trade Me

    kicker is it does not come with a relevant wiring harness to hook it up, and I'm unsure as to how to go about fitting the thermocouple to the brew boiler.

    any ideas, or has anyone had a crack at this? I know there is some kits for Silvia's out there, but they are pricey and shipping is a downer.

    TiA, benny
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