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  • Silvia PID settings

    I don't have access to a scace device, so I've done some searching on a few forums looking for where other PID'd Silvia users have arrived at in regards to temperature set point. There seems to be quite a spread and no doubt that's due to a number of variables. However my question is, at the PID setpoint that corresponds to theoretical optimum extraction temp, I assume there should be no 'flash' when running water through the group (with no pf)?

    I saw one post that suggested in the absence of a scace type device, to start at a setpoint that results in 'flash' when flushing, and then incrementally lower setpoint and flush at each setpoint until the 'flash' is no longer (allowing machine to stabilise at each increment before flushing). Going by this suggestion, I still get some flashing even at a setpoint of 212F, but it seems that a consensus for ideal setpoint is anywhere between 215 to 221.

    Happy to hear from those who can offer some advice.


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    changing setpoints without any form of output measurement is a waste of time.
    Drop into Jaycar/ Dick-smith and buy a $30 Digital Multimeter or DIgital Thermometer with a wire-style thermocouple.
    If you have an old, unused single basket, sacrifice that and drill a tiny hole in it to take the probe.

    Instant scase device for less than $50.


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      I just set mine by experimenting based on taste in the cup. I'm set at 106C which is 222.8F I think