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La Pavoni Europiccola - lever issue - any suggestions?

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  • La Pavoni Europiccola - lever issue - any suggestions?

    Hi everyone, been lurking on the forums here for a while without an account, but first time posting!

    I've got a La Pavoni Europiccola (which I love!). Recently I've noticed that after heating the machine and making the first coffee, while making the second coffee, the lever is very difficult to raise. It feels as if it is under the same pressure going up as it is being pushed down. If I turn the machine off and wait for it to cool down, then start again, there is no problem.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions as to what might be causing it, and what I can do to fix it?


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    Sounds like its a vacuum effect....

    Did you remove the PF before pulling it up??

    Only a theory but anyways chip the 2 cents in, upon removing PF the pressure is released and it may vacuum the chamber


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      try pulling the lever up with no pf in place - same? if yes its machine if no its you
      I always pull the lever up to just before the water is released and then lock in the pf then pull up the final bit, find this disturbs the coffee less as you are not pulling air up through it.
      hope it helps.


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        Thanks for the comments RayT and Dicky - I seem to have fixed the problem by giving it a proper clean with some sodium carbonate. It seemed to be quite badly clogged up and now it's working like new - strange! I like the idea of pulling the lever up before putting the PF in though, will definitely start doing that!


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          Sodium bicarbonate?? You clean your machine with this? Does it work? Do u not use a espresso cleaner like Cafetto? Maybe this might be part of the problem if it hasn't been cleaned with proper chemicals for a long time?


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            I find pulling the lever up before locking in the portafilter will attribute more to portafilter sneeze so I've stopped doing this on mine. Have not really noticed much of a difference in the cup.


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              I just descale and backflush regularly with some Caffeto and backflushing powder at SCG........

              Anyways, mmmcoffee do you backflush regularly with a blind portafilter basket.......

              Anyways, a backflush procedure for a normal grouphead without 3-way solenoid isnt the same for one with a solenoid and E61 is also using a different procedure.....

              Learnt that the hard way......


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                Ah interesting RT didn't realise there was a backwash difference. I have a HX machine I use a blindfolded and Cafetto regularly. Does sodium carbonate work as Thomas uses?? Seems strange but hey who knows


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                  What was it you were saying Vinitasse? ;-)

                  Talk about entertaining!


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                    Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
                    What was it you were saying Vinitasse? ;-)

                    Talk about entertaining!
                    Whatever he's smoking... I don't want any! Must be a bad batch.


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                      Hmmm ok...the jiggle yes the think you'll bend the handle if you try hard enough.


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                        Crikey! I'm certainly learning a lot from this thread.


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                          Blind filter and some Cafetto or Cafiza......

                          Some skill and backflush...

                          Dislike those people who claim that domestic machines dont need backflush.....

                          They'd have old oils in their shots


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                            not sure trying to backflush a lever machine will be a good idea........


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                              Thought I was clear enough but exactly what lukemc said. No back flush on traditional lever machines. They are simple machines without the three way solenoid valve required for back flushing . I still do a jiggle and brush the head to get the hidden grinds and just a quick wipe with a damp cloth and that's it.