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Having trouble with second hand EM6910

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  • Having trouble with second hand EM6910

    Hi all,

    I had an EM6910 a couple of years ago. Had a couple of issues with it, but otherwise a fantastic machine.

    Unfortunately, when I moved house it was accidentally thrown out. I picked up a second hand one on ebay, that apparently had a dodgy steam pump.
    True to form, it won't produce steam through the steam wand. But that's not the issue, I'll simply buy a steam pump and fit that.

    My issue lies with the actual coffee production. Since I was unsure of the previous maintenance schedule, I decided to buy some de scaling tablets and a new calcium filter.
    They arrived today, so I set about descaling the machine according to the instructions. No issues there, I pumped a couple of litres through.
    I noted that it was pretty loud when it was pumping, moreso than I remember. I fitted the calcium filter and ran another couple of litres through to clear the lines.

    I re-fitted the group head and seal, and decided to sample some coffee. Unfortunately, all I'm getting is weak, watery coffee. Completely undrinkable. The pressure gauge has shit itself, so I can't be sure of the tamp pressure but I tried with a hard and light tamp. No change, it pumps for around 10sec (on the double shot button) and all that is produced is dark bitter water.

    What can I do to rectify this? The group head seal was intact and in reasonable condition, but I'll order another one regardless.

    In the meantime, I'll carry on with my percolator. So please save me! I've drank far too much brewed coffee this year

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    Could it be the grinder possibly? I could never create a 30 second shot with the em6910 until I fixed up my grinder.


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      Possibly. I don't have a grinder, but I'll pick up some new beans tonight and see if they fit


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        Hello and welcome,
        First off try using your manual brew button so you are in control.
        By the above post,you are using pre ground ,if you have access to a suitable grinder then get some good beans,I've been known to even buy some from a good cafe,from their in use bag!
        Grind and test until both your grind size and tamp pressure is able to choke your coffee flow.
        Once choked you brewing flow will need adjusting by continued testing by gradually reducing either tamp pressure or increasing grind courseness.
        Once your machine produces an ideal texture/taste result ,refine from there.
        Pressure gauges are a indication whereas the resulting flowing brew is the ultimate test.


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          Before you rush off and buy new parts,take some time and confirm you steam wand is not blocked with dried milk residue,you pump may also be needing a clearing clean.
          Hope that helps as vast majority of problems is simple blockage.


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            You will not get pressure nor decent coffee until you move away from pre-ground coffee. A grinder is a must-have item and the Sunbeam EM0480 is the MINIMUM standard you'd want. (conical burrs, decent adjustment range)

            The double is pouring in 10 secs because it isn't being controlled by the coffee so the 60ml just rushes through. So you aren't going to work out just what is wrong with the machine until you get decent coffee.