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EM6910 issue getting tight seal even after replacing the rubber seal

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  • EM6910 issue getting tight seal even after replacing the rubber seal

    Sorry if this has already been posted and answered, I couldn't find a thread about it.

    I've had my machine for 6 years. I'm struggling to get a seal when pouring a shot. I just replaced the rubber seal thinking that would be it but it hasn't solved. it. I wondering whether it might be the 'guide' for the portafilter as I have to push it all the way to the right when I go to do a shot - even with a brand new seal in it. If I don't hold it as hard as I can I get water pissing out everywhere. Is there some part I need to replace?

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    So did just find some information on this and it appears I need a shim under the seal. I'll give this a go tonight.


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      EM6910 issue getting tight seal even after replacing the rubber seal

      The shim will often fix it, if it does not you may need to replace the collar.


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        Your leaking em6910

        Your leaking em6910 seems to be heading the same way as one of my machines,with age and use the two metal thread (torx No25) to the rear (uses 5 torxs on the collar) of the collar actually pull clear of their threading,such is the pressure imposed plus a bit of age and the poor strength of the die-cast material of the collar.
        As mentioned by one of your post responders a new collar otherwise you can get away with re-tapping to a larger size and use larger torx bolts.
        Replacement or repair, both = boiler removal to gain access to the collar anyway (can be loosened by disconnecting four pipe connectors,Ive found.


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          Mine's just started doing this too, so this thread is timely and handy

          Hopefully I don't have to go to the extent of re-tapping screws.


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            It's not a case of poor quality screws and threads, the collar will never separate from the thermoblock without an external force which is unrelated to regular use.
            However, on a few years worth of EM6910 manufacture, they used red threadlock on the collar screws. Red threadlock is the high strength stuff, designed to ensure permanent locking. It can be broken down but you need to heat it to 260C.
            It's not uncommon to snap a few screws when removing the collar. If this happens, it doesn't really matter because there is no threading on the thermoblock itself so the stud will just pull through the thermoblock when you eventually remove the collar leaving no damage. You're chucking out the old collar anyway so it is of no concern.

            Once the screws have been removed/snapped, I get a flat blade screwdriver, insert it between the collar and the thermoblock and twist gently. This should be enough to separate the parts. Move around the collar doing this and it will eventually come off.
            If you don't have enough room to maneuver the screwdriver or you are causing any damage to the thermoblock, the thermoblock and collar can be removed quite easily. I'll put up an illustrated guide sometime outlining this and the steps required for a worst case scenario collar replacement.

            Upon reassembly, replace the snapped screws and ensure you use a spring washer under the screw head. I've replaced countless collars without ever using threadlock and only using spring washers and have never had any problems after this.


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              This thread is what started me on Coffee Snobs:

              Have a close look at the collar and if you see the wearing then EBay for a collar and seal and good luck! The hardest part I found was removing the old collar as it is pretty tight in there.