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  • Tip-shop coffee machine repair

    Greetings everyone,

    I've just picked up a coffee machine at a tip shop for ten dollars called a Saeco Incanto de-luxe. It's in fine cosmetic condition but, needless to say, for that price it's got a problem, but I'm up for trying to fix the thing so have joined the forumn to ask the advice of those more knowlegable than me on the workings of these beasts.

    When I switch the machine on it states "ventilate" on the read-out screen but won't produce steam or water to clear the problem and the pump makes a lot of noise. I have attempted to cure the problem using the manual priming method (shown here: Ventilating the Gaggia Titanium - YouTube ) and the bicycle pump method (shown here: Ventilate shows, nothing works - Fixya ).

    These work great, with steam and water functioning again, the pump sounding fine, and it producing lovely coffee - but only temporarily. After about 15 minutes if I use the steam or water function it comes to a halt once more and displays the "ventilate" sign again but now the steam and water no longer work and the pump makes a lot of noise again, but to no effect. Perhaps most importantly, when using the steam function before the machine stops working, quite a lot of steam comes from the sides and top of the machine, also misting up the read-out screen. This leads me to believe that there is some sort of leak/small hole somewhere in the water/steam system which is letting steam out inside the machine and air in - thus causing a recurring air bubble in the pump and the need for manual priming. I have descaled the machine and live in a soft water area.

    Does anyone know what in particular, as in the part, might be faulty and will need replacing/repairing? I'm not prepared to send it to a service centre and quite like fixing things up so if anyone's got any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for everyones time and help.