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Sunbeam EM5900 steam wand pressure problems.

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  • Sunbeam EM5900 steam wand pressure problems.

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my steam wand on my Sunbeam EM5900.
    The pressure that it exerts is very low, and then it gets better (just under full pressure).
    I have tried descaling it and cleaning it and it doesnt fix the problem.
    Does anyone have any ideas on what to do or what is wrong with it or what needs to be done?
    This is my first time owning an espresso machine.
    Also, when it is trying to create the steam, there is a very loud chug chug chug sound. Have no idea what it could be.
    Thank you for answering in advance.

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    Welcome to all the other coffee lovers,
    If you are confident about removing the steam wand,try that first,check for blockage in the wand,usual spot for partial blockages just because users often switch steaming valve off while the nozzle is in the milk,seems to suck residue froth/milk and over time leaves a layer until eventual blockage.
    Just see how you go there and if no improvement we'll look at option B!
    Just re-read you full post,regarding your unusual noise,are you able to try you machine (while brewing) to produce the "chug chug" noise?
    As you said ,you get almost full steaming (or just under) does the noise cease during steaming or continue until switched off?
    If you hear the noise during steaming and not while brewing ,its most odd as your machine has just single boiler/pump so should make the noise irregardless of output selected,I await your responses before I can give any further clues.
    Good luck.
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